Sunday, September 11, 2011

Reflections on my Sunday

 Reflection on my Sundays.. it truly is a day of remembrance.."Where we were" and coming down to "Who we are".. On this day, Sept 11th, will cast such sadness in our hearts.. I was watching the Today show while having my fact making a list of things I was going to be packing up for my trip to Florida.. Matt and Katie were talking and joking when an announcement came across that a plane struck the World Trade Tower and as the camera panned over to see ..I was amazed at the black smoke and the indentation that was made ..while watching, as Matt was explaining what he thought might have taken in a distance we all saw another plane coming towards and within a matter of a minute it flew straight into the other tower...Oh my God!  You could hear the voices starting to tremble.. My heart sunk, my eyes filled with water I could barely talk.. I picked up the phone and was calling the hubby... I heard his voice and just couldn't get the words to form .. I remember hearing myself say.. "Robert, my God, the planes  went straight into both towers.."  I don't even remember what he  was saying to me... I was glued to the TV.. hearing the news broadcast .."New York City was under attack" also somewhere amongst all the scuffle another announcer was saying, "A Plane just hit the Pentagon".. Everything was going wrong, no matter what was being said in my brain I was thinking, "God save us, we're under attack...who was going to be next " ?... 

All day I watched, glued to the TV and watching everything that was happening.. then you could see people running .. papers were flying and next I heard the reporter say,  "The Tower Was Coming Down"..I just couldn't believe my eyes. I started to cry, all those people, there was no way for any of them to get out..God help those poor people ... as we all across America watch . Will I ever forget ?  NEVER !  For days and days we all watched everything unfold...All those lives, in New York City, in DC and in the fields of Pa.. how awful, how sad, and for why ?  Some sick S O B wanted to strike back at our Country for "What we stand for "..
Our lives have changed, we may try to get it back, but how can we..People we loved, liked, laughed with and even were ticked off with at times are now gone. Only thing we can do is live on in their memory and make sure "We never do Forget "  Each year, celebrate that we survived and give thanks for the lives that were given up trying to "Save Others"..

Not a day of rest for me more like another event in our lives..taking Zeke up this afternoon for his EKG and then I'll be getting ready from tomorrow to have my check ups done at the hospital... so I'm just a little edgy...

Last night was good..hubby and I watched the last of the Netflix movies and we kind of just chilled out...I had been wiped out from getting all those chores done.. Critter food is in freezer which will last a whole 30 days..wooo hooo.. and of course I'm visiting the rice fields again..but that's not that bad..just a little more mixing and fixin..

This morning my brain is on the run of the "What if's"  but I guess that really is to be expected..and I'll get through this ..just the unknown is hard dealing with ..but at least at some point we will know.. Sometimes the inner me really doesn't want to know..but then I don't want any more surprises.. I'm just not able to cope with that...between the sadness of today watching the commencement ceremony of 9/11, and then getting on with our daily's gonna be a rough go. 

Coffee pot if perking.. no Big Brother that will be a withdrawal..can we handle that..sure we can ..:)  need to get going and get the critters out and fed..then it's on to the next level of.. "What's Next " !

May God Bless Us All !

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