Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Falling into Tuesday

Falling into Tuesday... I have survived Monday.. had tests done at the hospital but it could just never go smoothly.. NOPE.. Got out the door without too much hassle and made it up and in the hospital by 7:10am.. Yes, through the foggy morning...

The gals in the Women's center have been on their jobs for years..so it's like ..Hey, it's me again for my annual flatten and stretch (Mammo) and then the scan on me bones.. and we all laugh..but the laugh this time was on me..No Script was there in the bin.. WHAT ?  Ya got to be kidding..and the gals looked at me and shook their heads..OMG...no one is in the office at this hour..chit.. I have to sit and wait for office to open up..

Now I have to say, "I think computers are amazing I do lots of things and also enjoy the computer ..made loads of "friends" and get lots of "learning tools" on the computer.. so why and how come there is a problem" ?.... 

Simple it's called "Humane Error or Imput"..Now I was just at the Doc's office in July when I came back from Florida with a problem.. and when I talked with the young lady at the reservation (yeah that's what the name handle was) desk I reminded her that I had not gotten a script in the mail and to please make sure that my script would be sent to the Women's Center... "Sure, no problem"..Uh oh !  there's that same ole bull crap you get.. like they really give a hoot. Then the young lady says, "We no longer give scripts, we are more advanced and have it on auto..(like she's driving your life away)  it will be there when you arrive "... HA !  

Well sister it didn't and wasn't there.. WHERE IS MY SCRIPT....sucks.. so there I sit looking at the clock.. I and the gals were the only ones in the office.. and then I ask.."Can I use your phone" ?   reason cause I had to leave my cell phone in the car.. it's not allowed where I was... Why didn't I just bring it and keep it shut off...no, I followed instructions...DUMMY !!!  Who follows instructions any more..??????

The gals were really sweet and joked.. and off I went into the side room using their phone calling the Doctor.. and Yep, got the Automatic calll system.. 1 for English... At the Doctors ??????.. Holy Crappola.. and then the rest of the numbers kept coming..but if you missed any you could press # and they would repeat again.. yeah, yeah..let's get to the "leave a message "... finally I press Zero.."0"... and a voice.. a real voice comes on... it's the Answering Service... 

Praise the Lord finally someone I can talk with and plead my case.. Which I did and the nice young man says, " I'll do  my best to help you.. there is someone in the office I'll ring over and tell them where you are and what you need"  Oh my I was gasping.. I couldn't believe I was gonna get help...

So you think I got help  NOT !. no one called back, no one faxed the script and I sat and sat and sat till 8:30am when the office opened and one of the gals in the Center came over to me and said,  "Try again, they have got to be in now"... I guess she could tell by my face as I sat and watched all the other women coming in and leaving... 

Up I goes to the phone and call..again the same scenario happens.. you know the number routine.. and finally I just press "0"  and a voice comes on .. "How can I help you".. well I must have talked so fast or maybe sounded so desperate that she transferred me to the nurse...Again I repeated myself and included..."wait till my appointment next week and I see the Doctor.."

Talk about "Stress" I was so overwhelmed with it I could barely make it through the testing..I was like in a cold sweat.. I was worried about Zeke and his meds as I knew I was just gonna be in and out within an hour...HA...What a big mistake that was..

I called hubby on his cell and for some reason when he answered he said, "I'm home I figured I'd wait till you called me to let me know you were on your way home and I've fed and given Zeke and Joe their meds "... I just love that man..that made my day.. Soon a calming came over me and the weight of the world was off my chest...Home sweet home I'm heading...

So that was my Monday episode..and I hope not to repeat that for a long time..the rest of the day I was really exhausted.. I know to those reading wonder why I got so wiped out.. Well, as a heart patient things tend to some times take me down.. although I'll struggle, they can wipe me out.. I have to take .."Take 5"  to do a catch up... it's a pain in the asp.. and some days I get so frustrated with it..but then I think.. I could be a lot worse..so just deal with the chit and carry on.. You'll survive this and you have survived a lot worse..

Now here it is Tuesday morning and I fell through to it.. So let's look on the brighter side..cause ya know there will be.. I mean I woke up and that's a plus.. Gonna go to the rice fields today..(Ha, you thought I forgot that number) and my crock pot will be going again.. this time I'm putting in a meat loaf ..make it simple and recoup from what ever else is gonna capture my attention..

Like my coffee pot that baby is going strong..getting a little worried about the insert. Looks like it's ready to fall apart and you remember I can't get an insert I have to buy another coffee pot.. isn't that a chit deal..but I'll do it cause I have to have my 14 cupper !.LOL.. 

Doing some laundry as yesterday for me wasted..so I'll do catch up and then pay bills and balance check book.. Talk with Diane on how the house is and what's new happening... So here are my critters stirring and it's time..I hear the thunder of hubby's feet coming down the stairs..oh my he must have an early meeting.. YIKES..  and I thought I'd have more quiet time..????

Have a good one and God Bless



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