Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ShaZaaaaam it's Wednesday

ShaZaaaaam it's Wednesday.. and my last Doctor Appointment till I get to Florida...of course I have a check in with the Doc's down there..but that's ok...It's just a need to have in case and I don't wanna go there..not just yet anyway..

Last night was another great night and in fact I got a call from a young lady that use to work for my Uncle was such a wonderful call and it brought back such fond memories too.. it will be 1 year since his passing on Oct 3rd and I guess it was one of those calls I really needed to hear.. 

We spoke of Bing like he was still here and in fact I really do believe their spirit never leaves us and I could hear as Earlene spoke, like my Uncle was giving her instructions... it was such a good feeling and I left it for her to keep in touch with me and we exchanged emails addresses as well.. Such a pleasure to talk with her..How she now has 3 grown children in college and two in High being in the 12th grade and the youngest being in the 9th grade and to think.. I remember when she was at my Uncle's office just a mere 19...The time sure has gone by..

Hubby and I sat back and watched TV and while I was watching I kept drifting thinking of my Uncle..which by the way was more like my brother as we were raised together..and to hear Earlene tell how Bing would talk about me with such a smile on his face and tell her how much he loved me.. Yes, I was filling up not only in my eyes but in my heart.. God thank you for his time on earth he was such a good man.. he certainly earned his wings and they were "Golden".

Now here it is morning and boy I'm just feeling good dreams were pleasant and soon we'll be getting ready to start packing... One more thing on the agenda.. Getting the Critters there vaccines... and of course making that call to the RV dealer... Ok, where is my coffee I can feel my teeth grinding..and I ain't grinding coffee beans...

So it will be on with the next Adventures and with out a doubt it's a fact... Oh and what's on for tonight's dinner...Chili, quick simple and delish.. 

God Bless 

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