Friday, September 23, 2011

"Oy Vey" it's Friday !!!!!!!

"Oy Vey" it's Friday !!!!!  Pinch me I made it and I can not believe how I got through YESTERDAY's  Grand Slam ...

I mean to tell you yesterday afternoon I couldn't catch my breath..another Wham Bam ThankYa M'am...holy cow..I was doing just great did the thingy in the morning with the hubby to the races..dropped the car off ..buckled up and hung on for the ride home of a life time.....then kissed the sidewalk before getting into the house...I made it home in one piece and not deaf either..(hubby likes his music too) and had my coffee and all was set for the evening..

Whipped the Crock pot out and I was just a singing and doing my thang...leaned back after I put everything on and got a few more things accomplished for the trip south..when the phone rang...One dingy ding...and it was the hubby with the news..."That made the beat of my heart STOP "...oh yeah my brain waves were smokin and my legs were froze to my chair..(thank the good Lord I wasn't standin)... I heard this sound ..."you're not gonna believe this (he was right or should I say, I didn't want to believe) your car's brakes and roter and shoes are shot "... and for 1900 bucks it can be like brand new....Jumpin Jeeeeeeez...

Now that was one of those times that there was silence on the other end of the phone..might be because I was "lost for words"..and I could hear "Cha Ching" ....and I still haven't gotten my rig back and that whopper of a bill...Golly is it raining on my parade or what...wait in fact I heard the weather report it's gonna flood.. well I got news it's flooding here cause my eyes have been watering..

You know it never fails when you think all is going fine something jumps up and bites ya right in the "GaZoorch" (my wording) but then I look at it this way...I could have been on the road and had a major accident because of it..

I want you to know that's how I'm justifying all this chit..cause if not..I'd be banging my head against the wall..wondering where in the friggin world did I go wrong and how come this happened...DUH ...seems the Mechanic said, "He was shocked to see how bad it was".. No more shocked than I was to hear it !

So all the scrimping you do to save a few bucks goes out the window...Wonder if that's passing it forward.. I know one sure thing.. "I'm helping the economy" and keeping people employed... So be least no one was hurt just my pocket book maybe I'll play the lotto with my luck I might win another ticket..:)

Did watch the X factor last night and boy there was one young girl that was absolutely terrific in fact when she sang I got goose bumps and when they asked her before she sang.."did she think she was good"..her reply was.."I'll let you be the judge of that "... and dang it she was AWESOME..!

So here it is Friday morning and rain is on the way. Crappy outside and I have to go to the Docs for my "Pap" test and then head my now safe automobile...and I ain't singing "See the USA in your Chevrolet"...(it's a Saturn still chevy chasey)..

Coffee is on and you can tell, "So am I"...gonna have to pull a sneak out again this ought to be good by now Zeke is on to me..and beats me to the door...I'll figure somethin... I won't be long as I'm the first appointment..Got that cause I made it at last years check up..Told the Nurse.."Well, I'll make my appointment now if I don't show up...say kind words about me cause I'm most likely to have gone to the hereafter.."...She looked at me like I was a nut job... I probably was or might still be ..Who Knows ????

Tonight being Friday is usually take out..but not with my spending habits lately.. so I'll make Linguini with Clam Sauce...and it is a Fish night according to my Catholic up bringing..can't change old habits...

So it's on to the next level..get through the weekend and then I bring Zeke to the Cardio Doc...ack I need my coffee...

God Bless

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