Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day of Reckoning, Tuesday !

Day of Reckoning, Tuesday !  It's here..the day I see my Cardiologist...Wow is me.. I'm sure he's gonna read the riot act for me.. but I'm coming prepared..I'm gonna bring him Zeke's EKG...that will make him spin a few minutes then I'm just gonna tell him, "I've had my stress test, done my way".. and when he hears all that I've just gone through...well he may be calmer..However, it's not an excuse it's just plain simple.. Day I was to have my Stress test we had a visitor along with everything else.. Irene.. You do remember Irene..along with that NO POWER...HELLO ...:)

I have to have an Echo done which I have every year. I have some leakage in my valves..Gawd I sound like a car ..well maybe I am part car.. I mean I'm always wanting to go places..blow my horn a few times a day and need fill up occasionally..and as for my tires (hahahaha) well, I just got me a new pair of sneaks...so see I am a CAR....LOL  He'll love that one.. in fact I'm still laughing... I done lost me keys !!!!

Last night went well, dinner was late as hubby half way home called to let me know he forgot his wallet so he had to turn around and that meant another hour ..Oh boy, I'm not gonna say a word..(that's surprising)...so by the time he got in it was Critter snack time and that had to come first..Yeah dinner at 8pm tonight..we watched TV and ate...

Yes, we watched Dancin' with the Stars..and as usual ..they all didn't do so bad..some have not danced before, and the big hype of Chas Bono..I just couldn't follow..I mean what ever twists your "Skirt" or "Shirt"..but all and all it was entertaining..we'll see how it progresses..:)

Oh, you'll love this.. called the RV dealer (mind you my Rig has been there since I got back from Florida..July) and asked if my Rig was ready..long story but the short version is..."Will be completed ...When are you leaving ???? HUH ?????  I then say, I'd like it back the last week in September I have to clean and pack ".. His version.. "yeah, it should be ready..see you then".. HUH???? 

Now here it is morning and the race is on.. have to get Critters done and then attempt to get dressed and sneak out...Lordy it's gonna be loud in my house.. Zeke is gonna have a fit.. he feels lately that where ever I am ..he should be.. could you see me bringing that Bad Boy to the Docs..." Hey, can I get 2 for one done here "...LOL

Coffee is going and I am so anxious I want this over with .. cause I just don't want to hear the lecture.. Doc is good about that..so please say a quick pray that it will slide by... smoothly..)

Gonna make a pit stop at the feed store to pick up some Critter food and then stop at the Grocery store..Shop Rite and pick up some Escarole and a few extras and then I'll be home for the Critters..most likely Zeke will pinch me...always does...

What's on for dinner tonight...Ali, because you made me think so hard I'm making Scalloped Potatoes with Spinach and Ham in between those layers..but I'll make a White Sauce with a pinch of nutmeg in it..(because the Italian in me comes through ) and yes, Cheese will top it..:)  I'm hungry now just thinking about it.. So I'll pull out my mandolin and begin my slices :) hahaha !

On with the show.. God Bless

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