Friday, September 9, 2011

Finally Friday

Finally Friday...alright another weekend shows up at my door and I didn't have to go very far either... thank goodness for small favors..and speaking of which  I have a few I need to take care of..Weather has been awful..neighborhoods around me have been flooding..New Hope, Yardley have been hit along with Lower Makefield...and we're still gonna have some rain today and tomorrow..and the creeks can't hold any more.. I just pray that this soon will be over to let us all dry out.. 

Last night's dinner was another gooder !  That pork was delish and I could have devoured the whole thing..LOL but I used my vacuum sealer to save the rest for another time.. Seeing how this will freeze and reheat..but I have a feeling it will be good even the next time.:)..

Watched Big Brother and hated to see Jordan go, but like Porsche said, "She's won it before".. now if it were me I would have kept her in the game..cause remember she did win before and that's a plus at the end ..not to speak of that Jordan wasn't that much of a threat in competition...However the final 3 is Adam, Porsche and Rachel...Hold on to your hats.. it's gonna be good come Wed night..  Watching the endurance part.. don't think Adam will make it that's my penny's worth ! 

This morning I'm hoping for better weather at least some dry air but the weather man isn't agreeing with me... I mean my back yard is one big mud pool and my swimming pool is has over flowed so many times..I wonder if soon it will be popping out of the ground from water level below the surface ???

Couldn't sleep worth a darn.. I just tossed and turned. Had the weirdest dreams and can't remember any of them.. Every time I woke I'd lay back down and have another.. Wish I could have continued with the same one.. hate them intermissions !

My Coffee pot is perking and Critters are still quiet..but as soon as I turn my chair they'll be ready for their "breakfast"..and the mad dash will be on ... Gonna have an easy supper.. Pizza..not home made.. more like order in ...yeah I am taking a break but have no fear..Crock Pot will be going this weekend.. cause I'll do my prep work ahead.. LOL..

Also my Netflix movies are in.. and that means "Show time together".. Hubby will make a trip to Sam's club as my supplies are running a bit low. I've got a lot to do this weekend and then on Sunday Zeke will go for the EKG..and Monday I go to the hospital for all my testing.. yeah that race will surely be on.

I smell my coffee so it's time to meander into the kitchen and get it on :)  Have a good one today.....God Bless..

Psst.. late posting this.. lost Internet..wonder if it's blowing bubbles ?

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