Friday, August 12, 2011

Flinging into Friday

Flinging into Friday again and it's the blessed WEEKEND...and on with the show...and speaking of shows..Yes, I watched Big I knew that always BB has a kick surprise to it...but guess the people playing it forget hence..Lowan went bye bye birdie..oh yeah and smokin' token' Branden is back and the "Game Begins Again"...That made my night I gave Zeke his bedtime meds and we all said..Nite Nite and Sweet Dreams...

Got up bright and early and am still smiling about last nights episodes.. recorder So Ya Think Ya Can Dance..and those kids are fantastic and any one of those remaining 4 could go away the winner..So I'll watch that with hubby tonight.

Coffee pot is on and Zeke is doing ok..his pulse rate was 74 this morning and last night too..Meds are holding that part together and yep, still hear the A course I had to "Google"  his affliction and some times ya should just leave well enough alone..but then I need to know all of it..not just parts..Can't do a guessing game with me ..and certainly can't do it with my Critters either..

Betsy, my neighbor and neat novelist (a plug for ya Betsy) sent me more pictures of the house in Florida ..and boy it's really looking good..Wished I had my before and after ones..but they are on my computer in I'll just post what I have here...
Completed the drive way around the carport..and to the garage.

Also completed in front of the house walk way...

Inside the carport done in a texture. Also a different pattern..looking good

Also had the steps inside carport and outside in front of the house done with texture prevent slipping.

Also going out to the dog patio..see one of the doors leaning up against the wall that was painted ..has to be placed inside...Looking good ....
Talked with Diane and Bob and they are taking a breather..finished the one bedroom and getting ready to do the other one...and they painted all the doors ...told her..she forgot one..LOL... Things are looking so much better...
Makes ya feel good just have to wait it out again..and I'm now in need for my coffee.. I smell that aroma ..and it's calling my name..:)

Seems like this took forever to post..kept losing my signal and don't know what's going on with posting pictures lately.. My spaces are way out and when I look at it in preview...Forgetaboutit !!!!  

Time to get to work !  Ha!

PS...just did a quick fix..helps if you read when a problem arrives on the scene...well I mean when you can find it...LOL...

God Bless  forums too !

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  1. Beautiful job on the house. Where in FL is it? And thank you for the card today. It has been a little rough at times this week and it just made my day.

    Glad to hear the meds are working for Zeke!!!