Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Two timing Tuesday :)

Two timing Tuesday :) ..She's here at last and she's a beaut !. I've had a good night sleep...I got rid of my anger..(oh yeah I had an interesting Monday afternoon)  Zeke is doing better and I'm looking forward to the rest of this day to breeze on by...

As for yesterday afternoon...I had my run in with that fighting duo..and I just had my fill ...Now I'm not always a nasty person, however I am not tooting my "Horns"...It was time..that's all I can say..."it was time"..and Ms Jane got it ! 

Now I can have peace and harmony for some time ..as out of sight out of mind and that to me is sheer bliss !.. Not that I enjoy running off at the mouth..(although I'm known to enjoy the gift of gab) I don't like hurting anyone intentionally...but there are exceptions to the rule...so be it !

Zeke is doing much, much better this morning and he's waiting for breakfast..brought me his bowl too..and then along comes Ms Reba..now she gets a bit more pushy.. She just slaps you with her (foot) paw...and then yaps in your face..Joe and Abby, well they just come up to you and give you the "stare"..sometimes Abby will do the "silent" bark..she flairs open her nostrils and then the mouth opens as she makes a perfect "O" shape and you feel the air but no noise...Ah that's my girl, Abby....I taught her to bark silently when she was a puppy and it's really cute...hahahaha

My coffee is perking and so am I...maybe a pan of Banana Nut Blueberry Bread...that Soos has me wanting blueberries..and one of these days I'll get to meet her.. She always has me smiling as I read her daily activities...She's another one of the Forum Sistahs that makes this group interesting 

The plans for the day are all in "jello" ..I'm still feeding Zeke in small amounts 4 times a day till after we get his follow up done..don't want to make any waves .  I'll complain about the 4 times but you all know me by now..Mother Hen here will do what ever it takes..

Here comes Ms Reba..yakking and smacking..time for me to feed and then my turn...See in this house Critters come first...Who's next ?????

Have a great Adventure...and on to the next...God Bless

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