Saturday, August 13, 2011

Can I really believe it's Saturday?

Can I really believe it's Saturday ?   Why not ?...The weekend popped in on us and here we are Saturday Morning...rushing around trying to figure what and where I'm gonna go or do ...Ha, I've got that pretty much figured...give hubby the list and he'll be gone for a few hours..I'll get the critters all under control..set up that kitchen for all that needs to be stored and or thrown away...then it's on to the next level of...Holy Crap... I need more of..yeah same old routine...we throw stuff out and re buy the stuff we got rid of cause we realized that we needed it....Sure we do !
It's a crazy morning and until I get my coffee down nothing is gonna seem right.. I've already woke up in a blur...and that's usually a good indication of how the world is gonna be for me today !  Yes, it's before the crack of dawn and even though I wanted to sleep just a little longer..NO DEAL...oh well that's how it's gonna be..
Zeke's heart rate was 76 again last night and this morning..and we've got all his meds in order for today.. I'm still with the 4 day feeding program but this week I'm gonna attempt to do it 3 times a day..and give the biscuits with apples for last part of his snack..
Yes, I'm back to making another batch of Rice and Veggies.. does that surprise any one..I mean I'm telling ya.. I could plant a rice field and I'd bet I'd run out of rice..Ha !  One rice cooker is preforming her little bells off and that's a good thing according to Martha !!!!
I'm gonna attempt to do an Onion Soup in my Crock Pot..found a recipe on it and heck that is such a good thing and delish is not the words and then this week because of another Sistah  Ali, talking about her Chicken Spaghetti Dinner I went searching through my Crock pot recipes and low and behold it's most of you that know me..know I love my Crock Pot.. I mean I'm gonna have that baby "Bronzed" so she comes with me when I cross over that hubby would say, "Might have to tote that baby"...sure will :)
Hopefully this week I'll get my act together a tad bit better ..been there and done that thing before and I need to stop letting so much come down on me all at once...but it does seem that way..
Alrighty,mighty I smell that coffee pot boy that is one sure fine aroma and gonna make up something good to go with it.. Got a box of Jiffy mix corn muffins so I'll whip that up and make small ones...they pop in the mouth pretty darn quick LOL...
So on with my day and what ever else comes into play and speaking of play just got in my is good and so on and so forth...
To All have a great adventure and may your dreams come true..
God Bless Us All.....

God Bless All !

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  1. Glad to hear you sounding a little perkier today my friend! Remember, one day at a time and enjoy the hell outta each and every one!