Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday...well it was here and now it's Monday

Sunday...well it was here !  and now it's Monday (phew)Irene paid us a visit and left  us lots of water (in case we were thirsty) and a few little things that might belong to someone in the neighborhood..The winds howled and the rains came straight down and then sideways and stung like the bugger. Even heard the house creak..gawd that was a weird feeling.

Me and hubby and critters kind of just tucked in.. I wasn't too worried (I can fib here) as hubby did his check and recheck and check the recheck (you get the picture)  We had the Generator filled with gas and ready to kick off once the rain stopped .. We lost power at about 1:30am Sunday morning and from then on we just huddled in the living room..Critters on the couch.. and me and hubby in the recliner.. The crank radio came in handy (that we got at radio shack) it has batteries but also the crank to use when your batteries start to go out.. (need rechargeable ones to use for the crank) and had the cooler set up with water and drinks plus stand by Peanut butter and Jelly..

I also had 2 chargers that were plugged in for a couple of days.. that we were able to run lights and a that part was good..Couldn't turn the generator on till the rain stopped .(.For those that don't understand that...unless you have a cover for it you can't run it out in the rain.. and you need to make sure the fumes don't come back in the house.. We put one of the dog crate pans (made of tin) one of my 36 x 24 pans on top of the generator so that protected it from the rain and I put the other  3 pans..(smaller size) to go on the sides..Yes, it was a real "Red Neck" operation..but it did the job..!!  Ha.. hubby was credited for that one.. That Mississippian man of mine does have some clever ideas. So, I've drawn up a model to have one of the guys at the plant make for me.. a special generator cover ..with the mesh on the bottom sides.. Yeah, just like how ours are in the motor home. 

We hooked up the freezer and frig and other fans in the house to keep the air moving..only had to really run the generator about 12 hours total.. Our sub station was under water,  (some areas power is still out now )and when we had talked with a neighbor it might be 2 but we were prepared. 

We offered one of our neighbors if they didn't have a genny that we would run a long cord and hook them up to the genny for the frig.. that's the best we could do..and you all know with motor homes we have those long, long cords..well I do from doing the dog shows and have had lots of experience of connection long distance..where a few of us had to share...

All in all we just hung in and even played a few card games and scrabble..just like we were camping.. oh and one of my coleman lamps worked great too.. had the grill to use for cooking and had to have my coffee.. I had made two pots and put the coffee in jugs so I just had to heat it up.. I did that from my plug a mug  hahaha.. I was thinking to myself.. Hubby always complained when I would buy these types of "gadgets" but my oh my do they come in handy when ya need it.. )~

I was not able to log on as my Verizon was up and down so was the cell phone so I kind of was keeping a log of happenings.. which really wasn't much.. other than Philly being under water and above me  flooding....We sit basically between New Jersey and watching the river fill up Yikes.. and listening to the happenings on  the radio.. My imagination was exploding.. could see Washington crossing the Delaware in this.."Row men Row "  !  

So here we are Monday and hubby's company is some what under water (Trenton area) and he left a message on the service ..for all to do what they needed to stay safe.. Hopefully all those will be ok and the pumps are going to clear up as much as they can..

You'll love this one.. Hubby looked at me and said, "Well guess you won't have any crock pots going".. huh?   he doesn't know the power of the "Crock Pot".. yep I did.. I had one hooked up and you all know from Motor home it doesn't draw that much power..and so we did have a hot meal.. :) I reheated dinner from the other day.. Hahaha...

Ok, time to let Critters out again and get on with my blog posting.. I sure missed it.. and am happy that my friends and family were ok.. Thanks all for the wonderful emails.. I got a chance to read them before posting.. 

Back on track and Happy !   God Bless

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