Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Whipping through Wednesday

Whipping through we take Zeke up to Saul's for his EKG to see how things are going and also do the Digoxin test to how his heart is handling the meds..Also want to check and see how he is coming along in his weight gain.. I had decided to continue on with the 4 meals..not just yet wanting to change it..His stomach is handling food much better..although I try to slow him down ..but that boy can devour quickly.  That has always bothered me as with large breeds their tendency to bloat is always there.

This morning Hubby is still home and feeling a little  better but still iffy and wanting to make sure he doesn't spread this to the office..but we all know how that goes and as far as I'm concerned.. I started taking some Tylenol and just in case I do have Zpak ready as sharing is always a part of marriage..good, bad or ugly !

I have on my list as we go out to make a quick stop and run in for some liners for my Crock Pot.. they are so handy and less work for Mama is the key word here..They are always at the top of my list to have in my pantry.. Bless the person that invented those..

This week my trusted Crock Pot is going into high gear..from Soup to Chicken Spaghetti (which I always called Chicken Rotel) and towards the end I'll make some stuffed cabbage rolls..all of which can be I'll have another quick fix . I'm gonna make a batch of apple sauce up too.. that makes the house smell heavenly and it does it all by itself..and that also freezes well.. Got a bunch of apples in and I like to make a variety of apples up ..makes for an interesting goodness.. Gawd I'm on a food kick..look out cause that's when I can get into trouble...a food feast..YIKES. 

Spoke with Diane and Bob (for our check in and updates) as to what they have gotten done and then there is that always add on surprise..I want Bob to make a tree that goes around the tree.. I told Betsy, my neighbor..she'll enjoy it too.. cause we can sit under the tree and watch them Squirrels chatter above us..we might have to be a little careful cause they may decide to bop us with a few acorns...(a get even with us)...

My coffee pot is going and boy that haunting aroma just calls out my name..and it's so good...sit in my chair, watch the weather and sip that hot coffee...Oh, I have to tell ya..if you want to make a Ham sandwich interesting...put it on Cinnamon Raisin was excellent..That ham that I got, Heavenly Ham, is like a Honey Ham..and I'm telling ya it was lip smackin'  good..  

Well at 3pm today we'll be heading on up with Zeke and my stomach is a tad bit nervous..again just another little notch in the tree of life..we'll deal with it as it comes...and pray that God will give me strength .

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  1. What liners are you talking about? Never heard of them. Hope the appointment with Zeke went well!!