Monday, August 8, 2011

Opening my eyes..It's Monday

Opening my eyes...It's Monday...ah one more day to go with Zeke and his 4 feedings and we see the Docs..I'm praying he'll be ok.. He's really getting back to his self big time..and that's a good feeling.. All the other critters have been enjoying the frequent (mileage) feedings..of course theirs is spaced out to their normal amounts with a little extra (rice and veggies)..hence I've had to cook rice more frequent.. Yes, I felt like I was in the rice patty..Ha !

Diane called me yesterday afternoon to give me reports on what's happening with my house.. They are excited with how things are coming out.. Diane and Bob love re doing anything in a house.. So I let them know..Hey, I'll like all what you two do..just please keep it simple..hahaha... nah, they know what I like and are having a blast..although Diane keeps telling me she's gonna have to go to the chiropractor as up and down on that ladder is killing her..

Got a quick note from my Cousin Bill and looks like my Cousin Kathleen might be coming to stay with me for the Christmas holidays.. I sure hope so.. I haven't seen her since she was a baby and she is now we have a lot of catching up to do...and beside I just got that spare bedroom she'll have a really nice room ready...wooo hooo

My pot of coffee is perking and so am I...cause I'm in the count down mode.. and wanting Zeke to be ok.. what ever it is I know we'll deal with it..and I just want my Critters to be ok..What ever it is. 

Last night I watched Big Brother... Oh boy, I love it now when it gets into the "crusty" stuff..cause now the game begins.. I mean the first few weeks it's so so.. but now the "Nasty Nasty"  LOL  gawd I love this game stuff.. but they have to remember's only a game so get off the personal attitudes... but hey, I'm enjoying it ...that's all that matters hahahaha..

Well, I'm gonna get into the kitchen and rattle those pots and pans cause I do have to do up Reba and Joe's food for the month.. I know you all are probably saying to yourselves ..cause I know I am... "What is with this woman and her cookin">?  Truth be know.. I cook for my Critters.. haven't bought dawg food other than dry food (which I use Verus) in over 30 years and I've been doing this and complaining for years too.. cepting I have to say.."I ain't never cooked so much rice in my life "...Ha!

Flash before breakfast !

Ouch, my Joe had a bad fall.. as I was sitting in my chair and he came over to me wanting his breakfast..he backed up and fell over my pocketbook..there's not much to Joe and the slightest move can just about knock him over..and over he went..hitting the floor with his head HARD... Joe belted out a loud howl and hubby came running out of the bedroom and all the Critters came towards me and Joe.. I had already got down to pick him up.. the poor guy was just as stiff as a board with fear and howling very loud.. 

I have to tell you my heart sunk as I was picking him up.. trying to calm him down but Joe was not really with me.. it was like he was in a trance, just howling...Lordy, please let him get through this..Zeke was like, right on top of me and so was Abby... Reba jumped up in the chair behind me and Joe.. they all were on me like bees to honey...Gawd I could feel Joe's heart pounding hard..hubby was trying to get to me and Joe but Zeke wasn't gonna let that happen... it was just so unreal and happened so quick.. What is it with this crap?   

I got Joe up in my arms and sat back in the chair..Reba was over my shoulder checking what I was doing with Joe.. Zeke and Abby right in my face..I sure know that these Critters do come together when something is not right !.. 

It took like what seems hours for Joe to calm down and I could feel him deep sighing in my arms.. held him close..and then he snapped out of it and wanted down cause it was breakfast time... and my next nightmare..

When it seems like all goes well...don't even think that..especially in my house.. I do realize that Joe is really up there and his days are numbered but I'm tellin' ya if this keeps up..So are MINE..!!

To let you all know when I served the Critters breakfast, Joe ate every bit and was looking for what I had...guess this gave him an appetite..I know I lost mine...glad they are doing ok.....I need a break..I need a rest...I need a vacation....I need something...perhaps another Guardian Angel cause I'm positive mine QUIT... 

I sure hope all your day is calmer than mine...but I guess it's just another part of Life's unexpected Adventures...Stay Tuned !

God Bless

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