Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Wet Sunday Morning

A Wet Sunday Morning...not to bad but we needed it..However, Ms Abby is not going to be happy.. I call her Ms Twinkle Toes cause she don't like getting her feet wet...and for the rest, well they just deal with it..Afraid I'm gonna  have to push Ms Abby out the door ! 

This morning I'm getting all my meds in order and Joe's too...Zeke's well we'll have them till Tuesday. Then we see the Vets..(Internist and Cardio) and am a bit jittery. I'll also do another (yep here I go again) batch of rice up and Joe and Reba's theirs well I do enough for the month..(that's a break in itself).

Put on my pot of coffee and am waiting for Ms Reba to get out of bed (you sleepy head) she don't move till 6:30am as a rule... Yeah and now Ms Abby is starting to sleep in too....sure wish Mama here could do the as for Poppa...Ha !  That man of mine could sleep the whole day through if I let him...He sure saws logs and he has an alarm clock that will knock your socks off...

I can remember from the day we said our "I Dos"...that horrible alarm was the loudest thing I had ever fact that was my constant complaint...(one of a few anyway) that blast was so loud you could wake the dead...Why?  well at that time I didn't understand it..but now..I long for it..HA!  I get up automatically...(that sucks) as I was so use to waking up early and catching a train to go to work in New York...even on my days off I woke up at the crack of dawn...Gawd, I wished I could have slept in..Now that I'm retired...well I have no chance..even when in the dang hospital they wake your asp up !...So I just have to deal with that..but the alarm clock well..once I'm up I get out of that room..cause in a couple of hours it's a blasting sound that drives chills up your spine or better yet can almost make you deaf !  He needs doubt in my mind that man can sleep through anything...and he promised to protect me...Ha!.. He wouldn't hear anything unless I knock him out of the bed...Thank Gawd for my Critters...hahahahaha..

Ok, so now it's on with the show of the day here..Hubby will be doing his Sunday school lesson in about an hour and then the mad dash down the stairs.. I have his cola in the frig getting cold and Me and the Critters will sit on the couch and watch it all take place...ah life is grand and my day will begin after the hubby is out the door...Why you ask?   Cause I get out of the way till the tornado passes by...

I smell my coffee...and the day will be starting soon...My Crock pot will be soon turned on..Making Country Ribs for Dinner...can't wait...Is it dinner time ?

God Bless...

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