Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hop Skip and Jump to it...It's Tuesday

Hop Skip and Jump to it ...it's Tuesday and the week still has more to go.. Speaking of which I did get out yesterday and hubby is still home and even more sick ..well not from his illness but from me...Tapping into that wallet of his. :)
Guess the shock of me actually being out and looking in the store was a little too much for me and I know him..HA....Hey, I told him, "He can't take it with him,but I could and I did !!!!   I bought things we needed and I'm telling ya I was grin'n ear to ear cause these where things I had before and gave them away cause I hadn't used them in years... hahahaha...but I do need them now and that's all that matters...So hint...Don't give anything up unless you absolutely, positively will never use..not in this life time or the next..See I do long time planning for my return  hahahaha...

Yes my humor is a tad bit wild today and I figured out why...I got too much oxygen being out doors and then there was the aroma of "Store" you know the Wally World Events..everything coming at you...Hey,  it was a good thing and even a blessing in disguise...oh yeah !

Watched a Netflix movie last night as Monday doesn't seem to have much on so it becomes a movie night for us..so we watched "Life as we know it"..it was a sweet movie a little tears flow but has a happy ending and boy I needed something with a happy ending...:)

This morning hubby isn't talking too much ..not because he can't but because he's still in shock... I already told him I'm like his Doc, giving him Shock Therapy to get him up and out. :)  I think I can hang up my waitress outfit for today cause the man is moving but just not talking...Out of some bad comes some good...I'll get my rest today ....Ha!

Oh, I went on line to Coleman and tried to get a replacement for the inserts to my 14 cup Enamel Coffee pot.. I love that pot..any way my insert is starting to wobble more and soon will be biting the dust..and I got that Shocker..can you believe I can not get the inserts any more..NOPE..they no longer are ordering them (they come from China ACK) so in order for me to still have that coffee pot I have to buy a new one...Now I told that nice lady ..(cause I had to call I couldn't believe my eyes) How can your company do this to us loyal fans.. then she also said, "they may not have that coffee pot (14 cupper) any more "  OMG..I'm now in Shock...(paybacks are a whopper) So, now I'm gonna think this over and see when I have to...where I can find another coffee pot and a 14 cupper...

Speaking of which I got mine on perking...I love perked coffee it's the real thing ..and it's my joy to have quietly in the morning when all is still sleeping..I'll have to do a Google search and see what's out there...Now I'm gonna have to do some comparing....

Zeke is doing pretty good and so is Joe..both of them are sleeping more and I know with Joe it's his age...hell, I'm sleeping more.. I mean my naps are coming more often..Do a little, rest, do a little more and rest some more..Hey the rate I'm going I'm gonna be living in my recliner..perhaps I can get a new one with push buttons..hahaha... my mind is leaving me...I'm planning on a new invention..Gawd I know it would sell millions..wait, don't wanna do that cause then I'll have to pay more friggin taxes..Chit.. I might just as well leave it alone..get off my duff and shuffle around ..LOL.. 

Ok, it's coffee time and I definitely need it cause that will calm my thought wave..and tonight is.."America's Got Talent"....Heck I've got talent..I could do stand up..wait..sit down would be much better...:)

Later all..have a good one ! 

God Bless

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