Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Into the swing of a Wednesday

Into the swing of a Wednesday..woo hoo count down is becoming a red mark on my calendar..and soon we'll be taking Zeke back for his check ups..He's really starting to look better as he had lost a bit of weight. Appetite is darn near normal although slowly we step..bucket by bucket..and in the evening when I give him his night meal the others look at me like .."Where is mine" ?

I do give them their cookies and that helps in fact Zeke finishes his and looks for that goodie.. "Forget it boy, we is filling your bucket "...LOL..I'm telling ya no sooner do I pick up the dishes it's time to refill..I'm needing a VACATION soon.

Watching Emily closely..Lordy I hope it just is a tropical storm..nothing more.. I know we need rain..but that's all please..I just got the house painted I sure would like to enjoy it... be nice Mother Nature...:)

Watched America's Got Talent last night and I don't know if it's just me..but what happened to these judges with some of these talents...What talents?...The little girls were cute and sweet but not yet ready for the "Winning ".  It's almost unreal with what is passed through..come on America we can do better....Still can't believe what I saw...Even the magician was corn ball routine... The guys on the bikes was "Wild and kept ya on your seats"...the dancers..well, I'll watch "So ya think ya can dance"..those kids are good...Can't wait to see what Simon's show will be like "the X factor"  can I deal with Paula and Simon again..LOL...

So yes it was one of those nights but today..a new day and "Big Brother"..LOL see we get so addicted to these programs that we begin with.."Can't wait"...
As far as waiting's coffee time ..Critters are fed and now it's my turn...Right or Left ..what does it matter..Hahaha...

Rain is on the way and I just can't wait for the cool sit tight and enjoy what we all worked for..."Freedom of choice"... turning channel now :)

God Bless

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