Saturday, August 6, 2011

A McDonald's kind of morning Saturday became

A McDonald's kind of morning Saturday became. Hubby got up shortly after I did and surprised me with a..."How about a breakfast"..and of course I replied.."Why Not"..and so we did..While he went out to fetch I fed the Critters and that was that.. Nice morning.. I like those easy kinds. They don't happen often but I'll take it when it comes my way..:)

We watched a NetFlix movie last night and it was pretty darn funny. It was Just Go with It.  Friday and Saturday nights are our movie nights..we sit back and enjoy and add a little flavor of some goodies...ah for the nice quiet weekend. Grab em' while ya can. 

Then there is the lists of things to pick up at the store..well hubby is gonna do that for me too.. I mean I'd gladly turn that job over full time..but it's only cause I'm still on the mend and also taking care of Zeke too.. and I know pretty soon I'll get back to the "NORM"...I'm smiling cause I don't have a clue what is the "NORM"..for us it's  more like.."Go with the flow"..

Well the washing machine is going and the rest of the list if falling into place and soon the day will be almost over before ya know it...Gawd time flies when you're having fun...:)..well kind a fun.. Hey, I'm still among the living so that's gotta be some kind of fun.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend...and Enjoy !

God Bless


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