Thursday, August 18, 2011

Timeless Thrusday

Timeless Thursday..and so it seems.. I'm some what getting over yesterday.. I was so hyped with bringing Zeke in for a follow up.. My wanting good news and trying to put pieces together is a game I think we all seem to do. It's I guess our easy way of handling a bad situation.. 

Zeke's visit wasn't all that bad..I mean Saul was just right to the point.. Understand what's happening to Zeke with his A fib and still having to wait this out. Inside I'm just saying, "Let's just go for the cat scan and find out why"..that would be what I would want..and then comes a reality check..the cat scan is only 2500.00 to have done at the hospital..OUCH..

Saul then gives me my reality check.."Zeee, be real about this..wait it out as we will know in 6 weeks "  I understand what he's saying and my hubby is looking at me like,  "be real".. I kind of wanted to crawl in a hole.. I mean everything comes down to dollars and cents. Even with our fur babies.. 

I think of families that have to go through this and can't afford this.. my stars we have become so..Dollar orientated...Doctors, just like our people Doctors have to make a living..but why do they have to make it so that others almost have no choice..Shame on us..!

Good thing on the visit..Zeke has put on 6lbs of they 25 lbs he's lost..that makes me feel a little better and he's getting his demeanor back..he's got that "get em" attitude. Boy was he up in the car.. Excited to go for the ride and when we got there gave everyone that "LOOK".. Yeah it was my Zeke back again.. 

His heart rate was 76 and his blood work looked good ..Saul did the Digoxin test and we'll get the results sometime today.. I can't wait.. that will tell us how Zeke's heart is handling the dosage..

We got home and it was a mad dash to feed all and by the time I got done Big Brother was doing it's thing and then America's Got Talent came on.. wow the night rolled on in and out..and now here it is Morning..

I didn't sleep well but I'll catch a nap sometime today..Hubby is going off to work and is dragging..hopefully he'll be ok.  I game him my Italian Mama routine of..if you don't feel well come home early don't be a "I can do it".. no sense..I'm sure he listens.."sometimes".

So I'm still that square peg in that round hole.. YIKES.. oh and I read the morning paper yesterday and saw a friend of mine passed away.. Linda Pursell ..she worked in my Doctor's office.. I've known her from a long time ago when she was a member of the same Kennel club ..She was a neat person always she and I would just talk dawg stuff... I'll miss her.. Linda rest in peace dear friend..

My coffee pot is in high gear and I'm ready to sit back a spell and gather my thoughts and wait for tonight again ..the Big Brother strikes.. I think Brandon is going home...AGAIN.. and then the dealings with that they deserve (all in the house) a big reward for putting up with her...EEEK...

Catch ya a little later on...God Bless

PS  Ali,  I use Crock Pot liners by Reynolds..they usually are over where the foil and wax paper are..they are fantastic and save you lots of clean up..and when I don't use them I do spray my crock pot with pam..for easy clean.. Try them you'll love them... Later :)

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