Thursday, August 11, 2011

Treading lightly through it all on Thursday ...

Treading lightly through it all on Thursday... Starting morning is not bad..Zeke is handling his meds pretty much...and I have to check his pulse and keep a chart..that's a little bit strange for me.. I mean I can do it..but listening to his heart with the A Fib takes a bit getting use to.  Having the timer set for 15 sec and keeping track.. it's like ok, I can do this..sure you can.. but it goes so fast.. Then of course Zeke has to start sniffing..and that throws me off..

Guess you might say I'm just a bit nervous.. I want to make sure I get the count right.. and it goes so's so different when you hold your own pulse ..nice and steady..Well, Zeke twitches and moves about.. and then I'm feeling the sweat beads form on my forehead..Then I hear myself saying, "Stay still".. sure he will.. I'd flinch if I saw me coming...uh oh my waitress outfit is changing to a nurse's outfit..wait one side waitress do a twist about and behold nurse in motion... (I know demented humor over powers me some times) 

Last night and this morning his pulse was 86 ...the meds are working as at the hospital it was out of control 240 . I thought my stars it's gonna explode..How quickly they got it under control with the injection into the IV...but I was told by the Cardio Doc.."He can not sustain this high rate..we have to get it down and stay down..."

So the meds are doing the trick so far...he'll have to have another Digoxin test to see how his heart is handling the dosage...I'll take him in next Wed and they'll do another EKG also..  I'll tell you they are so advanced in procedures for Critters.. just amazing.. I almost asked the Doc.."hey, wanna check my heart while we are at it..."... 

It is strange how the mind starts to play tricks on you.. I watch Zeke more when he's sleeping.. don't know what I'm looking for ..guess I want to re assure he's breathing ok.. that's never been a problem ..only the day he had that attack of HGE...

Don't get me wrong but Zeke is also sucking up on all this attention too.. I mean he's laying on the couch with a pillow..I need to take a picture of this.. This DAWG is a HAM to begin with..I have all my pill alarms set.. sounds like a fire drill when they all start going off... 

Coffee is perking and boy do I ever need that's my relaxation time along with writing on here and Facebook.. I have to tell ya I'm still confused by it.. messages coming from all directions...some days I'm not sure who I answered ...and if I got it right.. but one day I'll be surprised .

Watched Big Brother last night and now can't wait to see what's gonna come down for sure..cause ya just never know...but I have to tell ya,  I can't believe how foolish some of these folks are playing, so dumb..Never ever do you throw a game or trust someone to be put up on the block..Oh boy what ever was he thinking...He's in for a big surprise...betcha they vote back in Brendon.. OMG.. what a nightmare..more of Rachel and Brendon...we'll see.. 

Now it's on with the rest of my day and who knows what's next ?????

God Bless


  1. So glad Zeke seems to be responding to the meds.

    BB - Luawn is so stupid...he no way is going to win a contest against any of the previous house guests. I think Brendan is coming back and will be back with a vengence. I think the 4 returnees are going to take the house by storm. I agree with Jeff - the tears need to stop!!

  2. Ali,.. I just know it.. I mean Rachel and Brendan have their routine set up for life..Co dependents..Gawd could you picture living with them two...OH NO>>... I can't wait for tonight ...I just love's worth the time to watch fools rush in..hahahaha...God Bless Zeee