Friday, August 19, 2011

Finally it's Friday

Finally it's Friday and the weekend begins..Wow, I made it almost through just a couple more days.. It's been like a roller coaster but again that's what are lives are really like.. Some have more ups then downs . What ever it is, it's always a surprise..just when you think you understand things, comes that Whopper..

Last night we watched Big Brother and yeah we were smiling through out the game. Then (boy do I dislike commercials) as Brendon leaves I was waiting for Rachel to go into her usual..Stare, be nasty and go for the jugular..Surprise this time they went right into the H O H competition ..darn, darn, now we have to wait for Sunday...Now see that's the easy stuff in life..just staying tuned in..if only it was all that simple.

Still having difficulties with sleeping. That most likely is because I keep trying to understand what's happening with some time I'm gonna just let it go and deal with it as it comes..I just haven't gotten to that point..I'm wanting answers to questions that at this point are not there for me..

Coffee pot is on and I'm anxiously awaiting it..I need my caffeine fix. Hubby is doing pretty good still not feeling great but this is the last day for work and he'll lay back the weekend..Uh oh that means I'm on the "Gofer" listing..

I know one thing I'm back in the rice fields again..Yesterday I did up all the veggies for the critters so I'm almost through..Now it's to load that darling Rice cooker and smile as I wait for the beep..ah that's a good pot of rice..LOL

Oh, my "new" gadget came in yesterday too.. It's the Magic Mesh...I hear you all giggling..Yeah the one that goes in front of your slider..I'll put it up on the door this weekend...and I had to listen to hubby about another one of my wild and crazy ideas...Well, if it really works..Hey, I am the one that gets up and down and in and out with the Critters...and on a nice cool day or evening I can leave the back slider open and they can go in and out themselves...Now that I call progress..(maybe a tad bit lazy too ). Here's the link to Magic Mesh...LOL I know you'll all get a kick out of this..

Oh but these little things make my life simple..and simplicity is my key to why not enjoy while I'm here...and I have to tell you.. when you order have to make sure you get what you want..cause the first time I tried to order..almost bit the big one.. the buy one get one is not always as free as you think.. I had to call the company and cancel my first attempt cause the bill was close to 100 bucks..I said, "Oh no you don't "..they did straighten it out and that 19.95 is a come on..cause you do pay the S & H on both (the one you are suppose to get free) and it ain't that cheap..but if it really does do the trick  I'll be ok with it.. 

Now I need to get in the kitchen and rattle something..cause I ain't doing pots and pans.. this is Friday and it's a Fish day or Free day  LOL.. Having Flounder done Italian style with Broccoli (garlic and oil ) and Baked Potato...ah I'm so into habit.. Since I was a kid..Friday was a Fish day.. You know us Catholics..So now I can add, "it's healthy for you too".. Mama would love that !

Just heard weather report and more rain this afternoon..pretty soon I'll be swimming around the house or better yet spouting gills..Ha ! Okie dokie I need to move on and hope you all have a fantastic day and weekend..

God Bless

PS..stay tuned to the Magic Mesh episode.! I feel another Jack Rose might be in order for tonight...Pssst.. Ali, they are good and just in case you missed the recipe..(just for you and who ever else is peeking )..

Jack Rose Coctail ...(from the 60's)
 1 ounce fresh lemon juice
 1/2 ounce grenadine
 2 ounces applejack brandy

Shake all ingredients well with ice; then strain into a cocktail glass or serve over ice. If you need to sweeten this up add a little bar sugar or simple syrup and you've got a great drink..Delish !

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