Saturday, August 20, 2011

Riding it on into Saturday

Riding it on into Saturday...seems like I just laid down and it was time to get up.. that always boggles me..Wonder did I get a good night sleep or did sleep just pass me by..????  Yeah, you can tell I'm in one of those..Wonder Moods..

Got a call from the Vet's office (Sue) to let me know that Zeke's Digoxin test came back ok..his heart is tolerating the dosage..that's a good thing and I hope we don't have to up it.. He seems to be almost back to signs of coughing or panting..and as far as lethargic..well, he loves his couch and both he and Abby like comfort..they ain't no fool.. When he goes outside he's up and alert so I'm still keeping a close watch.

Last night we had another light show..and gawd that thunder ..I could feel the vibration and hear the window pains rumble..eek it was like right over the house..oh how that makes me feel weird.

I'm up again before the crack of dawn and making a pot of coffee..Gonna put my list together as hubby will be doing his chores...and then he'll pick up a few things we need.. I'll put my pork roast in garlic and seasonings to marinate for tomorrow..Over night does an amazing job..and yep my chutney is in the frig..that stuff is wonderful..and so simple to fact no work at all..the crock pot does the job..

Today I'll make carbonara for dinner with a romaine salad..make it simple ..and the rest will be just lean back and watch our Netflix movie time..Hubby likes that and so do I..we do our catch up on what's happening in the office and then what's going on with the house in Florida...

Yep, I heard from Diane and Bob and they are just about finished with the painting inside..and a few things I'm having them do before I get back.. Called Clancy to see how he's doing..but he must have been working so left him a message to call me.. Clancy is a hard worker and he loves that yard stuff..and loves the heat...OMG.. don't know how he does it..

Now it's on with the rest of the event of the day cepting it's so dang early I'm the only one awake..well sorta ..I mean Zeke is here at my feet the rest of the crew ..I hear the Zzzzz and boy do they snore loud..Maybe that's what's waking me up ...dunno..

Have a good one and you know how it is here..anything can happen..!

God Bless

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