Thursday, August 25, 2011

Trying to get through Thursday

Trying to get through Thursday...well, cause I know it will soon be Friday and that's the start of another weekend..and also getting close to my Heart testing. Which I'm not happy about going through.. I mean I've gone through enough this need to test my heart for it's endurance..just back up and follow all my happenings cause that was enough STRESS for me..!

I already feel like a chemical pin cushion...a steady flow of how chemicals  can blend.(.yeah that sounds pretty darn close). Just not crazy about the up and coming week. Like I wish I could click my fingers and make it all go away..

Ok, so I'll start thinking better thoughts and positive ones as well..Like last nights Big Brother..Ouch that was a good one. Another blind side..which is always the best way to go..only surprise (and you all know you can't trust Big Brother) it's a double eviction tonight.. Then on to the America's Got Talent Show...that there was no surprise..although I enjoy watching talent shows cause most shows on TV I don't like..

Another big whopper..Irene..(not like the song at all) is coming our way..yeah..Earthquake one week and a Hurricane the's that for a show of shows....I'm gonna hang on to my seat for sure..and just pray no one gets hurt..It's been along time since we've had one  (hurricane that is) and well we'll sit back and watch this sweetheart come in... Better make sure we have gas for the generator....

I almost over slept this morning as I stayed up late watching the weather and news..and I could hardly get to sleep..What is it.. I go to sleep with out a problem and I wake up before the crack of dawn.. I have difficulty sleeping and I over sleep and feel like "what the cat dragged in".. can't win.  One thing..better get my asp in gear and get the coffee pot on..cause I need caffeine quick..

Time to make a dent in another day 

God Bless

Psst..another Verizon adventure..seems my Internet is not awake when I am..ugh...well some day soon ..but we're up and running here now to the posting...and watching the weather report...YIKES.. I might have to cancel my appointment on Monday now that won't bother me..although I really need it done..but hey I ain't swimming in.. So I'll wait for tomorrow before I call.. ..back to the drawing board..(don't do ironing)..have a great one..!!!!

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