Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ah, it's the Blessed Sunday :)

Ah, it's the Blessed Sunday :)  Soon hubby will be charging down the stairs with books in hand as he says, "See ya later ".. and heads off to teach Sunday school and then church after.. So, he'll be off for about 3 to 4 hours.. I tease him all the time. Telling him ,  "You always complain about our Catholic Church Mass when you Baptist are more long winded than US.."  it's true..think about it.. He does Sunday School ..gets there about 9:30am and starts at 10 am then after that church starts at Noon..they do their thing and then they always have a meeting of some kind..(hubby is on the board) or the ladies bring in goodies for after..then he gets home about 1:30pm.. it's almost the whole dang day..See what I mean.. Hahaha.

I don't mind at all cause he does his thing and I do mine...watching QVC and oh boy can I get into trouble..hence he goes and prays for my soul as I make the deal of the day ...spending his money and him wishing I'd go to HELL...Yeah I'm the sinner.. hahahaha.. 

Then of course he comes home and I don't tell...(wait till the end of the month he finds out ) and then I have dinner on the table and he tells me all about what happened in the church... I see the glow on his face and you know if that's what makes him be it !... Now for me.. I do go to church on High Holy Days..Us Catholics have lots of them too !!  :)  

Yesterday was such a calm day I thought I was in another world..but hey I ain't complaining not one bit.. in fact hubby went to the store for me as he did his errands and that was a big break for me.. Then we watched a Netflix and I made Carbonara for that's a great dish.. One of my favorites..

Still I have the issue on not sleeping..I'm up and it's before the dawn..but perhaps I just have this on going issue with Zeke and it's back in that gray matter..just have to wait and see.. 

My coffee pot is on and so am I, AGAIN...but maybe today will be another one of those.."quiet days".. and hey..I take all I can get.. Oh I did tell hubby I re ordered my Vacuum Sealer and it was not a big issue.. he smiles and says, (you'll love this one).."Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday ..which ever one you want to use it for"... HUH...What can I say.. 

Pork Roast is going in the oven (I'm using my Nesco Oven) and let that slow cook.. I've made the chutney and we'll have that along side of Sweet Potatoes and Greens.. yeah that's a lip smackin meal ..can't wait.. lots of pulled pork sandwiches for later on.. during the week... My favorite thing to do.. cook it once and eat it several more meals..See, less work for Mama..:)

Getting through now all the pill chambers..yeppers lots of pills to fill..Mine, Joe's and Zeke's..all shapes and sizes and all colors too. I definitely have a rainbow effect in the happening..:) 

Tonight is Big Brother...and can't wait to see who wins H O it's on with the show of show today...Wishing you all a great one..

God Bless

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