Saturday, August 27, 2011

Warily Welcoming in Saturday

Warily welcoming in Saturday and preparing for the arrival of Irene..Hubby is going out to fill the gas cans so that in case we lose power we can have some electric for the frig and microwave..We won't have TV as we are Satellite and when the storm is upon us the only thing we'll have is the radio..might not have Internet either cause I'm sure that the air card and cable won't be up and running.. My cable Internet is barely running now  I mean with Verizon..heck when all things come settled I'll have better service..Cha Ching !!!

Last night I was glued to the TV listening to all the reports on the where abouts Irene was and what damaging winds and surges were happening..Made me nuts actually.. Now I know we need to be aware but don't beat it to for the people at the shore if they choose to ride the waves..What can I say, "There's an Idiot born ever day " !!!

I've put lots of Milk jugs filled with water in the Freezer in the event we lose power..which will help keep things mighty cold and I can also move them into the frig too..Thinking a head I have my cooler and our trusty Ice maker..Hey, that can run on the genny LOL.. got to have ice ..

Only thing will be the Critters in all this water.. I've set up the Xpen with the heavy shower curtain down on the floor and then newspaper will be put on top so the little ones have not problem and won't go outside..but the big ones..well.. Twinkle toes ain't a gonna like it..but she'll be ok..and the big bad boy..he'll go out as he doesn't mind rain ..might be a little testy with the wind..  I told hubby, "think I'll make sure I have the flexi on them when they go out.. don't want any problems in case of winds.. at least I can guide them back in.. hopefully we won't have any major issues.. 

We've bungeed the lawn furniture to the front porch took the cushions off so the air will just go through the webbing and they won't really move ..they are heavy to begin with and being bungeed they are pretty secure.. The grill will come in the back side of the house ..that we might have to use when no power to cook on.. I'll be camping inside out.. :)

Coffee pot is on and I'm a little bit edgy..The wait is the pain and according to the news we are suppose to see Irene like maybe early morning hours.. So I might not be able to post ...but hopefully not too long..cause ya know I'm addicted to this blogging now.. I mean it's my inner voice...hahaha..

So all of you in the area of Irene..please be careful and you are all in my prayers..I'd light a candle but I'm saving them cause we might need them  LOL

I'll keep myself busy today and make a good dinner..Chicken Marsala is on our menu and I might even drink the wine LOL.. heck I might need every drop..
Please keep us in your prayers too..

God Bless till we do a catch up again..

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