Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm still here and it's Wednesday

I'm still here and it's Wednesday... all I can say, "What a Tuesday".. I mean an Earthquake ..and not just an Earthquake...a shocker ...a 5.9..ain't no slouch for the East fact the only other one I felt on the East Coast was back in the 70's ....and that was in the wee hours of the morning and hit Philly..Gawd what is happening to us...Maybe we is trying to keep up with the Jones..hahaha..on the West Coast...Holy Cow..

I was sitting in my recliner..(of course leaning back) talking on the phone to "Diane and Bob" when I felt my chair kind of wobble..I thought immediately it was Abby doing her "Thing"...she actually is a reincarnated BEAVER...her preference is "Cherry Mahogany"..she will do Oak or Pecan...but Cherry Mahogany  is her all time favorite...So, with that I yell..."Abby quit it" and it's still in the happening and I lean forward and she's not there.. 

The light goes on and I realize .."it's an Earthquake".. I then tell Diane.. "OMG it's and Earthquake in the happening..."... yeah well what do you do when the whole house is moving.. I didn't hear any rattle noise but just that motion like I was riding a happened 2 times..a few seconds in between..

What a day..and so I ended my day still wondering.."Are we gonna feel any more"..?  Sure hope not..but I still am feeling strange.. Cause I guess that can happen any where..and then I get a call from my friend Mary in Maryland..and she tells me about the Earthquake and the damage it did to her home.. Her walls have cracks in them.. and she then says, "thank goodness I have Earthquake insurance"...DUH ?????  I had to laugh.."Mary, why the hell would you have bought Earthquake insurance 25 years ago.. I mean what made you think about it here on the East Coast..??????  Ya have to understand .. why would any one want it.. we've never had one.. (boy ain't I a dummy) ..well long story short.. her agent told her that we live in an area that can have...mind you..can have.. Gawd..she lucked out but not too much luck cause her house in Florida..behind mine had a tree fall on it yesterday morning ..the same day as the Earthquake...what timing..for action....YUCKO !

Now here I am ..still getting up before the crack of dawn..making sure this time I have my escape ..just in case something else happens...Oh then I watch the news this morning and it shows..Irene coming right toward philly.. Hello Irene....where's my coffee...Doesn't get any better than this.. ..well maybe Irene will say, "Good night " and head in a different direction..

Watched America's Got talent last night too..what can I say.."I'm not over thrilled with most of them...but I do like a couple..and tonight is Big Brother..oh my that's getting crusty now..Who is gonna win the power of Vito...wooo hooo..

Ok, need to get my coffee down and gather my thoughts for what's gonna be on my plate for tomorrow..hahaha.. well, I'm doing a Chicken Stir Fry tonight and I think I'll make Chicken Francaise..that's simple and tasty ..and I always have plenty of chicken in the freezer..pretty soon I'll start cackling....(better than laying an egg )  HA ...ok I need that caffeine   

Again Verizon is having it's difficulty...soon Zeee, soon this will get better !

God Bless the sun is shinning and the rest of the day will be a good one for all .

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