Friday, August 5, 2011

Amen it's Friday....The Weekend begins

Amen it's Friday....The Weekend begins again.  I just so enjoy weekends cause I get to watch the happenings around me. By that I mean hubby is home and he's good about being the "Gofer"..(I know you all are grin'n)'s my only chance to give "orders"..HA ... The only people around me during the week are the Critters in which I take orders from them..and being I've been house bound..(can you visualize me wrapped in a house) going bonkers with my Waitress outfit on..only thing I'm missing is my pad and pen...the tips well we all know what they are..cleanup...YUCK !

So hubby just loves to do the running cause he figures if he does it we won't spend so much money..(did I tell you that hubby was a finance major) and that he enjoys..however, he runs more times than I, when I go out with my list..Oh he brings a list but some how it gets lost or maybe just maybe he forgets it ????? Dunno but I do know our cell phones are in high gear and I can only tell you that even though I'm not out there with him.. I am with him..down each isle...DUH... Ya gotta love that man...he means well....and definitely has his wings...cause he flies by the seat of his pants HA.. I often tell him I can never understand how me makes it in the office...Gawd I know his secretaries are wondering the same thing ..We gals do talk  hahahaha... He makes my day !

This morning I feel pretty good and can't do too much but I do have to make "Rice"..oh yeah..but my handy dandy rice maker is gonna do her job ...woo hoo...Zeke is still on the 4 times a day feeding so all the others are getting a little bit too..I can't only feed one not in this the gang is ready and boy they are enjoying Zeke getting well...:)  

I'm ready for my coffee a little bit on the slow side...We watched hubby do his mad dash and mumble something as he left..then the air is clear and we can start to move about...and our day will come about...but in the mean time I need to get in the kitchen and wash (yes, you read right ) the rice..that is the biggest pain in the butt... rinse and rinse so much starch and it takes about 5 rinses before the rice water looks clearer..

A special note to my long time friend, the first female friend I made on line in a crazy forum..

Beth reading your blog yesterday my heart goes out to you.. I know what Rex meant to you and how much you enjoyed your adventures with our friend  Jean..I wish there was something I could do. Life is never fare, it catches us when we least expect it..never promising us anything but a day by day event..Even though we have not chatted much know I'm always here for you....You are always in my prayers kiddo. Hang in and no you are never alone no matter where you are...You have made so many friends with the forum you started and it has grown and grown. As will your wings too..So keep on truckin' cause you've got lots of highway to see ...

God Bless

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