Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh my blue heaven it's Monday

Oh my blue heaven it's Monday...this week I'm gonna start Zeke on his 3 times a day meal...he's handling the meds pretty good..sleeping more than usual. I figure that's more the heart meds keeping him calm. His pulse rate now is at a steady 76 with that A Fib still there. 
Sometimes when I'm listening I wish I could say, "I don't hear it any more"..but so far it's still staying and he's not showing any signs of coughing or panting. Hate even thinking about that but those are two issues I have to keep track of..If he starts any of those I have to bring him in to the hospital.

This morning I've got to clean out the frig...I'm smiling cause reading Ali and her frig cleaning...You're not alone Ali. Finding things that you are not sure of...I always call my frig my Laboratory.. It's Alive or has it been ???? 

Coffee pot is on and I can't wait for my cup of..That's one of those fine pleasures that I so enjoy.. along with something to munch on I'm on a kick for cinnamon raisen bread toast with a slobber of butter..oh yeah..nice and hot . 

Hubby had to go to the Emergency room on Sunday ...he was not feeling well since Friday and when he got up..he looked awful rather than wait till this morning he decided to get something for it.. We don't have any Urgent care around us so it was to the Hospital.. Lucky for him..he was in and out right away and they gave him Zpak..He came home and took his meds and went to bed..was up for dinner ..ate just a little and went back ..

I try to keep Popsicles in the freezer, as when I'm ill I use them cause I've been through that scenario where I've I'm one up on it and they are pretty tasty when ya want something cold and refreshing... Mama always had a tray of Italian Ice that she had made..usually it was always lemon and boy that did the trick..we'd scrap some off and spoon it down..

Oh and last night Big Brother number was just the icing on the cake..Daniel pulled it through and of course such deals are made..but we all know how deals go..but Daniel did a smart move doing Adman and Shelly as the flipped back and forth..and if by any chance one of them wins power of veto..well go for it cause that's your chance to get rid of one of the most powerful players..Like sheep they'll all's getting nitty gritty as it progresses forward...

For tonight I don't have to cook dinner, it's been made since yesterday and I'll just reheat it for tonight..and I also put up that Onion Soup I that will be an extra bonus for just a quick bowl and I'm anxious to see how it freezes anyway...

Hubby is staying home today so I'll get a chance to hit Wally World..(Walmart) and pick up a few least I'll get a break to go out of the house..I've been house bound to long..I'm beginning to make imaginary people up..UH OH !!!
Catch you all later on.... Hubby has me running the gambit ..the voice comes in a little weak..but never the less the words are spoken and my waitress outfit is back in full swing...taking orders again..OMG>.was I gonna get a break or what...?

Never dull that's for I'm gonna attempt to make a quick get away to the "STORE"...list in hand and from there on's history in the making..

God Bless Us All !

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  1. Glad Zeke is holding his own and not adding any new symptoms. Anxious to hear how the soup holds up being frozen and then reheated.

    I think they are going to try to backdoor Brendan or Rachel - we will see.

    Hope you had a fun time at Wal-mart. Found out the Wal-mart in Uvalde, about 40 miles W of us is much better than the one in Hondo. Think we will try it out weekend after next as Ron will be home then.

    Have a great night. Going to watch Bachelor Pad tonight. Thinking it is like Big Brother but with twisted romance involved.