Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Calming Tuesday

Calming Tuesday...it's on the down trend ..thank goodness !  Kind of recouping from Monday's off and on again power.. and surprisingly  Verizon was up and running.. maybe the water washed the grit off the wires ???? For what ever reason the dang thing was on this morning..Hooray !!!!!!

Hubby had a difficult time getting into the office yesterday as the area the one plant is in was under water and everything had to be diverted to another area. Most of the office staff managed to make in it...as hubby had left message on the emergency line..."If you can't get in don't worry ..we'd rather you be home safe .."  and we sure hope all knew we were wanting their safety.

Most of the day here at the house power was blinking..felt like I was sending "Morse (and everyone around here says " morris code" .. hahaha ) code" and I kept resetting the clocks.. I was the keeper of the clocks..and at one point I set them way ahead..hahaha I was just crazed with doing it so often..had to make it a "funny" ..Now I know how Peter Rabbit felt in Alice in Wonderland :)

Hubby got home around 7:30pm last night and I'm telling you we could have went to bed by 8pm.. Just felt drained..and I think it was mainly from worrying about what was gonna happen and staying up half the night..!

I had heard several comments on how the News media blew things out of proportion..and I can agree to some extent but I also feel had they not there would have been a lot more people injured or possible killed..cause you know Curiosity is a killer in itself..

This morning I don't have  much planned.. I could go to the store for a few things but decided it wasn't that urgent and I'll wait till Friday and make due with what we have handy..nothing like emptying the pantry and a few mad experiments ..

Gonna make a frittata for dinner tonight..that's making it simple ..have lots of veggies and I'll throw that in with mushrooms and onions and I have a piece of sausage which I'll break up and that will be easy ..always have dessert..oh yeah I have some raisin bread and that means Microwave Bread Pudding..see how simple it can be....

Speaking of which .. My coffee is some what ready and so is my pallet..waiting for that Hot coffee..Yippee !!   So it will be on to the next level of adventure what ever that may be... 

This is making it a short and simple kind of day... God Bless

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