Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Two Tootin' Tuesday is here again....:)

Two Tootin' Tuesday is here again ...:) and we had no rain last night...woo hoo..finally a dry day and a little cooler too..however, I hear tell we is gonna get more rain come Thursday. ACK!

It was the nothing ness last night..I mean nothing great on TV and I was getting the bored attack ...which usually leads me to trouble land..but I stayed calm and just chit chatted (an ole saying) with hubby.. He was fed and stuffed and very tired. In fact we both said (at the same time) "we could go to be " I mean it was only 8pm..but wow it felt like midnight.

Did manage to get caught up with a lot of my "stuff" that I've been putting off.. I packed a box with "take to Salvation Army"..I really like that organization .. They did a lot for my family when they first came to the USA.. Went way out for us during the holiday times too.. I remember going to see Santa and having dinner with a huge group of people (other than my clan) and everyone was so nice.. With out a doubt they are tops on my list..have never said "no" to any one that I'm aware of..and when I see them on the corner ringing their bell..if I got it I drop it..(money that is).

This morning was great I got to actually stay in bed to 5:30am..gawd I got a break here.. I mean I'm not up at 4am..finally I'm edging into maybe a little longer..I hit that bed like a rock..I went out as soon as my head hit the pillow..next thing I know Zeke was breathing in my face...HELLO MAMA !!!

My coffee pot is on..(thank heavens) and I'm gonna sit back read the local papers and then watch the weather report on that Hurricane that's gonna hit us this weekend...Hoping everyone will be safe and no major damage..and there will be more rain heading up to us again next week.

Dinner will be easy tonight..Pulled Pork sandwiches with cole slaw..yeah it's gonna be easy pickin's for tonight . I'll also do my chopping of veggies for tomorrow night's dinner. This way I just have to throw things together.. it will be Chinese style.. quick cook and got plenty of rice (from the fields Ha!). Have to just get my wok out and set up. The rest will make history..

Tonight will be America's Got Talent..Hahaha.. I'm laughing cause I am so in to all this lately.. I can go day by day with a schedule.. not like when I was traveling in the motor home cross country.. I miss that a lot..but I get to follow others from our RV group.. as the Sistahs do their traveling.. I've been down those roads...it's like a memory refresher..love every minute of it..

I see my internet is back up and running so it's time to post ..can't wait till Verizon settles their contract..Ya know it ain't no heavy bird on a wire..LOL

God Bless...

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