Monday, August 22, 2011

It's Monday morning, are we dry yet ?

It's Monday morning, are we dry yet ?  Dang it, we had some wild and crazy storm come through.. in fact hit us twice in one day... The rain came down so hard lost power off and on and then looked out my kitchen window and the street was flooding by the drain...Golly, haven't seen this much rain in ages..especially at this time of the year up here in Pa.

Yesterday was a good day and dinner was delish...Hubby surprised me and came home right after Sunday school.. He had a lot of work to catch up on from the office so in and up the stairs he went to his office..I was good..didn't get the chance to watch QVC..(why, you ask ????)  Hubby was home and I was being "extra good".. that will make up for the next time..besides I didn't want to blow away my Christmas present too..oh yeah, the recent deal was a Birthday one..hahaha...

I leaned back in the recliner and took a good nap, hopefully that would make up for my not so great sleep the night before and boy that felt great..Critters were also napping... My poor Joe, he keeps falling over and hitting his head.. I'm seriously looking into making a cap for him.. you know like the kind the fighters use to protect their heads when practicing..or better yet maybe a helmet from Football...what ever but I need to do something.. it's just so sad each time he falls ..which is lately a lot.. and he gets so stiff and just crashes down and yells so loud and cries.. breaks my heart to hear him.. He's getting so old he's creaking when he walks..just about.

Chatted with Betsy for a bit yesterday too.. as I got an email from her and I always enjoy our chats.. didn't really think about emailing cause I like to some times hear voice..and yes, we did chuckle..Told her I had talked with Clancy and he's another one of my favorite people to talk with.. He has a dry sense of humor that is so neat..He was talking about a job he's doing and to hear tell the story..well it was  good enough to repeat to Betsy and yep, she laughed as well.. Gawd I can't wait to get back to our little retreat (now that's what I'm calling house in Florida)'s a place that has such wonderful surprises..and I do so enjoy looking out my living room window and watch all those amazing critters that cross my those flowers..(no Diane hasn't killed them )

Big Brother was great last night..watched Jeff win the H O H..and now for the next interesting saga cause you can see his game plan and I have to say.."The best one too"..   as we watched the storm proceeded again..I have not seen so much rain at this time of the year here in Pa in a long, long time..gawd power off and on and I crossed my fingers cause ya know it always happens just as you get to the "Main " part  something is sure to happen...but we were saved by the bell..LOL.. 

Again I'm up before daylight didn't get to hear the weather but I'll see if I can catch it before hubby comes down the stairs..My coffee pot is on and I'm anxiously awaiting my cup of hot coffee and I do like my coffee HOT. 

My day today is gonna be a catch up and do laundry and Yes, get my Crock Pot out for another dinner..See as I have explained in the past..if I can make it easy without all the mess I go for it..and tonight is Meat Loaf ala Crock Pot style. In my smaller one I'll do Baked Potatoes..Hey, it beats putting on the oven and  they come out great. I save the rest for a  brunch for fried potatoes down the road..see I'm traveling on with my Crock Pot HA! 

Alrighty time to post..(sounds like I'm running a race here ) and then get on with "poetry in motion"  hahaha..

God Bless


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