Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sliding in on Sunday...

Sliding in on Sunday...ah the home stretch and it's on to another event. I'm not sure I even remember much of the beginning of last week and by the end I think I have been going into numbness....However, I did learn a few more things in life....DUCK...cause when it's coming at ya, your stuck with it !
It was one of those toss and turns last night and I was glad that morning came ..again for me it's 4:30am ACK!..what is with this extra hour early crappola...well I'll get a few things caught up but I know I'm gonna be taking a nap sometime today.
Made Onion Soup for dinner in my crock pot and boy that was delish!  The aroma was haunting through the house and finished it off with crusty toasted french bread with cheese..YOH MOMMA...put up a few quarts too..Yeah I made a big batch and thank goodness..cause I used a lot of onions..and I does love them sweeties..Vidalia . So later on this week I'll see how the freezing version comes out...nothing wrong with instant replay :)
Put my pot of coffee on already but haven't turn the flame on as of yet..Today is get all the pills together for the WEEK..and then I'm off to the races again for the sit back and pop a few. Now I have company, Zeke and Joe. Yeppers we all sit and the timer goes off mouth and pop a few. Interesting affair we're having.
This week (on Wednesday) I'll bring Zeke up for his EKG and Digoxen test and then make appointment for Sept for the Ultra Sound and Echo to be done..Now here is where I want time to fly. I have done so much reading on what could have caused this A Fib my eyes and brain are crossed..Then I say to myself,
"Accept this and go on from it..Zeke is here with you and just be happy for that. He's not in any pain and he's by your side..". So that's kind of what I'm going to do..As my friends have written to me.."Take it one day at a time".

Tonight is Big Brother..Now that should make it really see the "newbies" jump through hoops is gonna be wild and crazy..cause you know it's pay back time if Brandon or Rachel win  Head of Household....
Ok, pill time get together and then coffee will be done and so will I..I'm gonna also put Zeke on the 3 meals a day and see how he tolerates that...cause my body is getting tired of the Ups and Downs and Mix and fix...:)
Later folks..

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  1. Can't wait to see what happens in the Big Brother house tonight. Definitely it has been an interesting show this season.

    Have a great day and can't wait to try that onion soup.