Friday, August 26, 2011

Drying out for a short spell on Friday

Drying out for a short spell on Friday but will be prepared for Irene when she comes ..and it ain't around no's more up the coast...dang it !

I am happy that Florida is being by passed..I need a break I got a call from Diane and sprinkler system went on the blink..Cha ching.. sounds more and more like the  Money Pit. However, it sure is a nice place to go when no storms are happening or better yet.. that flaky white stuff starts falling.. if I start to miss it I can always watch a movie or look at pictures from days gone by..:)

Watched Big Brother last night..Oh my stars..always full of surprises ..a double eviction..Yahoo..doesn't get any better..this show always has those twists and turns..and just enjoying every moment of it too ! Dani was a good player and boy she did try to make a few deals..however like always who can you really trust..NO ONE..then Shelley had to make her deal if she wants to try and win... awesome..cept she got caught..however the twist was Kaliya won H O H and then power of veto was won by Porsche..finally she comes up and wins something.. well sad to see Jeff go but the girls had to make a move ... it was  good one.. and now we're on the edge of our seats..and of course Hurricane Irene will show up .. and on Big Brother night..Sucks.. !!!  We'll have to hold on to our hats and not for a show ..but for this visitor..YIKES !

Gonna watch the news and have my coffee and then might have to call the Doc and cancel that testing for next Monday and Wednesday...not that I'm overly unhappy but I know these have to be done . I'll reschedule them before I leave for Florida.. I still have to see what's happening with Zeke my calender if filling up with Mine, His and Ours.. Also have to get my car in for inspection and hear the news on my motor home as I had lots of work and tires done..Cha ching ching ching...... I don't even want to think about that one...

Time for my coffee..I'm going into that nose dive of darkness..cause there has to be light at the end of this tunnel..other wise I'm gonna have tunnel vision for sure.. I might as well get things ready for what we're having for dinner tonight..and do some chopping up for salad..I must be part rabbit..cause I love that simple Romane lettuce, Red Onion, a few curls of carrot and sliced radish and maybe a few cukes..then just a simple dressing oil and red wine  vinegar..uh oh it's early and I could go in and attack a salad..hahaha... Making Shrimp Scampi with rice and then gonna do a quick Bread Pudding via microwave...LOL  yeah I know you all reading this are thinking.. "This Woman thinks food"..yep, but not in large quantities..and it's all simple ..

Ok, coffee is calling my name and I'm in dire before I go into get my cup filled ..and me and the Critters enjoy our feast together..they with their food bowls and me with my big mug of HOT COFFEE

Hang on and hold on to the one you love..God Bless keep safe

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