Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Calming Sunday

A Calming Sunday, at last !  It certainly was so peaceful. I stayed in my night shirt and just relaxed and watched "Good bye Mr Chips". I had recorded that and finally got a chance to watch it. Now I know why I still enjoy those old classics.

Zeke has been on the mend thank goodness and the rest of the critters have been doing ok with the heat. Today wasn't as bad as it has been so all seem to blend well together.

Not often I write those words so I have to tell ya that it was wonderful. Had a few phone calls but mainly just vegged ( yuppie word) out and took in all the sights of the yard.

Clancy had done such a great job that I got to enjoy the scenes happening in the yard.. Of course those daring squirrels were checking all that had been done..might even say the are like Inspector Clueso...(I hear that pink panther music going on in my mind) They climbed up on the trellis holding those roses and of course they heard the "tap, tap, tap" of my ring on the window..they turn and look back at me and then (I can just imagine their thoughts) they tell each other..."she can't make it fast enough. so don't worry munch while you can"...Why do they eat the flowers ???? I thought squirrels ate nuts ?????

So that's how my day went and I slowly drifted in and out of consciousness..I was just pure LAZY...and lovin' every moment of it..cause this week the race is on again..Hubby is due to come in on Friday and then...LOOK OUT !

Crossing all "T's" and dotting all "I's"... I sure is hoping all will go without too much confusion...cause for me that's my  "norm" lately. I might as well take a deep breath as this week is gonna roll by quickly. Better get that check list out again and start all over... first pinch me...cause I must be dreaming all this.

Don't know why I'm so tired as I had nothing but lean back suck in and enjoy the day...but I'm dawg gone tired..I'm ready to go for the plunge to dream land and hope when I wake up I'm home already...Would that be asking too much ?  

Good Night and God Bless..or better yet..Sweet Dreams !

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