Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh it's Stormy Monday but no rain !

Oh it's Stormy Monday but no rain !...My darling bugger came back but not for long..He jumped into the Hibiscus plant and I caught him..tapped on the window and he jumped out with some cayenne dust..took off like a bat out of hell too...I can only imagine his feet were smokin'.

Later on his return was to do another rose plant..this time he took off the unopened buds...Why?  Do they taste that good?  Or is he just the "Devil in Disguise?  Dunno, but I'm waitin' on his next return..Darn I wish I had some buck shot...Ya know I'd do that damn sucker in...I could see him running away with tiny holes smokin'.

Later on today I got some sad news. My Aunt Martha passed away..She and her daughter Kathleen (my first cousin) live in California..Have lived there over 40 years..Kathleen is a Professor and teaches English..Only hope she doesn't correct my English Grammar...HA !   Aunt Martha was a Registered Nurse who taught Nursing...She was my favorite Aunt ... I was so happy I got to talk with her recently.

I had thanked her for being so kind and caring. She was the only one that came to visit me when I was sick and shared such wonderful stories with me. I will miss her ..She also made a very powerful decision which Kathleen had told me today.. Aunt Martha donated her body to science. In hopes of helping others. 

Aunt Martha became very ill 6 months after marrying my Uncle Walter.. She was bed ridden for many many years and almost died several times..They were told the only way she would be able to live without being in an Iron lung was to move to Arizona. Now this all took place when I was 6 years old..

Many years had passed and Aunt Martha got better in fact she had a child. Kathleen..and soon after they all returned back to New York.. It was like a miracle her getting well. What a wonderful human being she was. I think of her and I smile. As I told Kathleen today,  "Aunt Martha is now with God and living on in all our hearts..and she will continue to help others through her donation ".

I'm smiling now even though it saddens me. I know she's left a great impression on me since I was a little girl and will continue too until I meet her again.

Got a few more things done today and my list is starting to look smaller...and then for tomorrow...another event will take place. I'm kind of anxious to see what else that bugger is gonna do..Now I have to tell you..That is one Mean Asp Squirrel that has lots to accomplish...HA !

So it's on with the Show..and tuck in and dream good thoughts.

God Bless You Aunt Martha

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