Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mission Impossible...(Maybe) on Saturday

Mission Impossible...(Maybe) on Saturday.... I guess I should start from coming back from my luncheon and getting the Cayenne Pepper...

Well, I went to Wally world and it wasn't there..(how could they not have cayenne pepper?) and then went on to Winn Dixie...ta da!  I got only small bottle (2) and dropped John off. Mixed up my batch and sprayed the plants...but it was difficult as the powder didn't break down so I wound up sprinkling it on the plants...

Later that night that bugger came..jumped up on the Hibiscus and sniffed around and left...I was chewing tonight...get your lettuce elsewhere.

Needless to say I was thrilled and went to bed brain tired and with a smile..Did I accomplish my mission or what...Well I'll have to see tomorrow what happens.

Now here is where we are at...the "Tomorrow Day"...Got up bright and early and did my usual routine...Critters out my pot of coffee made and pop my morning dose of Meds ...and on with the rest of the events.. Out and water my plants ...letting them know they are doing fantastic and I'm gonna give them a refreshing drink...Yeah I know, but it works for me and that's all that matters..

I go in side sit in my favorite chair, watch the humming birds come to the feeder and sip my cup of coffee slowly as I listen to the morning weather report and all the trash that follows.. Ah, I see that bugger. I watch him carefully and he meanders about and heads right for the Hibiscus.. He climbs the trellis and reached his paw out for the jump and in he goes..Next I see that bugger going to grab a branch...Oh no you don't...I lean over my chair and start tapping on the window..he turns around and gives me the look and still stays there.. I see his jaws moving..wonder is he's saying, "Screw you, you ain't feeding us so we is eating all your goodies"...HA!  My mind is in overdrive can ya tell >???

So up I jump (well not exactly more like stumbble) and out the door I go with Zeke in my way...He's ready for the attack and I'm wishin' I could..however, I open the door and then that bugger looks at me..and slowly jumps down and walks away..The gaul of that sucker !

I shake my head and go in the house get the cayenne pepper and just figure I can't get it to spray so I'll dust the plants..and that's what I did...all over as much as I could. I put a good layer on the soil so if he comes back he'll have to step in it...

Fast forward for you cause today I was another slug in the wood pile and I watched the Belmont (horse race) another long shot does the job. Yes, I was yelling those races..but boy I was nervous when I saw Animal Kingdom almost fall...those muddy tracks always make me nervous..but thank goodness no one was injured.

Later tonight comes that bugger...(I think that's his name) and he does the trellis routine and in the pot he goes..right into the cayenne pepper and sniffs around and goes to grab a limb when I tap..this time he jumped out..I have to tell you his feet have to be loaded with hot pepper and I'd love to see his reaction when he touches his paws... Do I hear Spanish being spoken in the trees ?????  HA!...He didn't come maybe just maybe...

I'm ready for tomorrow...and again I'll repeat the dosage on the soil and hope for maybe he's had some heart burn... No tums here !!!

I'm ready to tuck in for the night and later on look for more remedies..possible red hot some water that would spray better..cause I sure clogged up a few spray bottles...

Good Night All....I'll dream of the bugger blowing on his foots :)

God Bless

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