Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday and no surprises

Tuesday and no surprises...the bugger boy didn't show up today..maybe he's cooling his feet..but I ain't a gonna say too much..cause you know how that can bite ya in the butt !

Did a little today but not much was caught up in that trial..didn't come on till 1pm today so I got my stuff done till then..and now tomorrow I'm gonna have to work in between as the defense should be presenting their side. 

Don't you just love that when you get so caught up in something and you can't help yourself...Wonder if I need to go for "treatment"????  Hey, I don't think I'm alone in that one.

Had a little bit of rain today and boy we sure do need it things are just so dry.  I check my Hibiscus and I've got another flower about to open up..they are sure big flowers...but pretty and even the humming bird stopped by to check the flower out... If all goes well I hope to plant this right by the humming bird feeder..So it will be Double your pleasure dear Humming birds :)

I'm still in the slug mode and I'm gonna attempt to slip on in bed as I watch some TV...Gawd I'm getting addicted..but when it's hot I'm just a slug at heart...

Good night sleep tight don't let them buggers bite...

God Bless

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