Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday and things did not go well :(

Thursday and things did not go well :(...Unfortunately the "Bugger"  struck ! Yes, he ate all the new gems ready to open...I saw out of the corner of my eye that little chit head hit and as fast as I could get back (dragging out the trash) he was color me gone with a few pedals spilling out...He left his traces and alls I can say, "I wish I had my shot gun". Never thought about killing anything but on this, I don't have any qualms !

So depressed I was I dragged my sagging bottom back to the house and looked out my window and alls I could see was a naked Hibiscus plant..don't even know if she'll make it with me leaving. Alls I can do is hope for the best.

That being said, I decided to take a few of my plants back home with me. I know I'm whacky and probably not realistic. I worked so hard to bring my gardenia back and those other two plants, I just can't leave them.

Already had the conversation with the hubby and it was a hard sell. He's a great guy and gave in..(did he have a choice?) any way they will come back with me and when I come back they'll make the return trip back too.

The rest of my day sucked.. I watched the trial again and got lost into watching the Defense Atty make an asp out of himself.. You can tell he really isn't in tune to this case. It's more that I believe he is able to deal with..he should have let the other atty be lead. Oh well, this case is really sad and this woman deserves everything she should (may not get) get. !

I'm kind of on a down side and need to get a pick up note..Maybe my email will have some kind words to offer me..So it's off to bed I go and hope tomorrow brings a better day...

My hummers did surprise me though. When I was watering my plants one of the Head Guys  LOL  came right up to me...and gave me the buzz..and flashed his ruby throat.. I had to tell him.."Hey, drink up cause next week it's dry time at the hotel"  . Hate leaving them too..gosh I'm a sucker for critters cepting one right not....Don't like that Bugger !!!

Good Night and God Bless ...May tomorrow bring some goodies.

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