Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tis' Sunday and it's Father's Day !

Tis' Sunday and it's Father's Day !   I sure do miss my Pop !  He was a to me the  greatest in the whole wide world.. I know that's what we all say and I can fully understand it. For me it was the best time of my life and the most fun I now know. I met so many characters with my Pop . I'm sitting here smiling cause I could write a book about just him alone.

When he was a young man he was a professional fighter. I think they call a "Feather Weight" and he had to retire from the ring early because of having "thin skin" he wasn't afraid..HA !  it was the cutting man (the guy in the corner that patches all the cuts you get while being hit ) who told Pop that he couldn't close some of the gashes he would get and that it would eventually cause him serious problems. His skin was thin and would tear easily. 

I have to tell you he was fast.. I mean that man could throw some shots at you and you never saw them coming till they landed..also his foot work was awesome. He could do an Irish Jig his feet moved so fast. I do remember one time when one of my Uncles challenged Pop..that was a sight to see. Uncle Bill was teasing and said, "Come On Ole Man put them gloves on and let's see what cha gots"... I know Pops was gonna love this one !  Those gloves I might add were the biggest I've ever seen and heavy too.. my whole hand got devoured by them. How could anyone even hang on to them..cause I was like maybe 5 or 6 years old.

So on with the Gloves..and next thing I knew Pops was in position as my Uncle Bill was showing off dancing around him  (Uncle Bill had just come home on leave from the service) and shouting.."let's see what cha gots".. next thing I saw was Uncle Bill hitting the floor...Down for the Count...HOLY HANNAH... Pops done knocked him out...that quick...I know Uncle Bill didn't see it coming..cause neither did I... My eyes and mouth were open wide and Pops winked at me and walked slowly over to Uncle Bill.  

Those were the days..HA !  My Pops as you can tell was king of the castle...and I was his little princess..(spoiled brat more like it)  Pops and I would go to the race track as in those early days he did a little booking..:)  well you know how it is ...and I got to meet a lot of the jockeys..hence my love for horses...also would go with Pops to the Gym and meet some of the fighters..gosh I'm laughing now.. I was his little "marker".. no wonder I like that movie...

See how your thoughts can take you down  memory lane..I hear the Andrew Sisters singing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company C...alright loved that song.. Pops and I would listen to the radio a lot and even go to the city and see some of the vaudeville acts.. Pops knew a lot of stars he sure was well liked by many.. oh and yes I even got a few ice cream sodas too !

Getting back to this day.. I did my thing this morning. Got out and went to Publix brought home 4 cases.. and my arms now have grown another few inches...My dolly was waiting and I could even here the wheels sighing as I loaded her up and dragged them in the house..So glad I got that done and then leaned back in the chair and wished it would rain.. I might even sit out in it.. So dang hot..more like steaming. I considered filling the bath tub but then I thought I'd have to get out of it and I'd be like a prune...cause I know I would fall asleep being so cooled down.. might even have to call 911 to get me out..HA !

Talked with hubby this morning and now we have a few more issues.. (am I going home ?)  so he might have to come down  July 1...he feels that when the service man comes that the rewiring will have to be done and then our luck will take a few days..and he has to be in Boston next week..and then there's the stomach was in knots last night and this morning...where's that bath tub I might want to sit in it forever !!!  Any way we are now looking realistically at July 1 where he doesn't have to rush and we can take our time...

Mean time I am still getting things emptied and eventually at some point I'll be on the road...when I don't know look at it this way..Every day will be more surprises...What can I say ?????????  HELP !

Now I will smother myself in something cool...and then fade away into oblivion...that means I'm gonna eat ice cream or better yet make me a Banana Split and pass out from the sugar get over my blues ...

Ta Ta all...I might return ..well ya know I will but maybe tomorrow  :)

God Bless

PS in case you're wondering about the "Bugger"  he's still going strong and so am I... wonder who will win ??????

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