Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Bugger Came back, even on a Sunday !

The Bugger Came back, even on a Sunday !  I was up before the dawn and got my Critters out so I could get my "Stuff" ready for the action...Day light broke and the Hummers were busy....boy they fly in and out quick.  I got out and started watering my plants..Yes, I checked over my poor Hibiscus and she was looking mighty thin... So I gave her a good drink and watered her leaves checking all the gnawing marks...the poor thing !

I proceeded to do all the plants as today was gonna be another swelter and I wanted to make sure they wouldn't burn up... Ya know I get so into these plants...and boy are they looking really really good.

I come back to the Hibiscus and give her a good dose of cayenne pepper all on her leaves and the soil around ...then in I go into the house get my cup of coffee and sit in my favorite chair to watch.

Along comes that "Bugger"...he even strolls down the driveway...and then he slowly walks up to the Hibiscus sniffs and moves on down the line of plants...and then before I could say, "Jack Rabbit" that bugger had the pink roses...OMG that thang even jumped on one of the statues and sat there eating...(like his curds and whey) I jumped out of my chair..tapped the window..didn't budge him at I came out the door and he still stayed there... Now I ain't no fool I'm not gonna touch him although if I had a bee bee gun that bugger would have been hoping... So I grab my hose (weapon loaded) and zap I hit him with the jet spray and he takes off..but leaves traces of pedals... Yes, I took a few pictures... but none with him.. I'm gonna try and see if I can get him on camera...

Later on my day went pretty I was gasping at that Hibiscus as she blossomed a gem for me... I know it took all her strength but it's truly a gem..You all shall see...(I'm getting better at picture taking).

Got a few things done in the house as I'm pacing myself . I'm gonna miss all this action cause I just know this bugger is up to no good .  I've got lots of cayenne pepper and I'll make sure I show Diane and Clancy my routine.. I know they'll both think I've lost it...but if it works so be it .

The heat here has been awful and I'm still in the slug stage.. I don't do well in this kind of heat...and all you can do is stay inside and suck up the air conditioning....How did we do it before when we had no air conditioner...YIKES

Just took a glance and all the critters are out cold...that means I have to shove a few to make room for me...I can hear Zeke giving me his "What For"...he sure does show lots of Ivory ... more like Ipana Smile..

On to another episode of the Bugger... I'm ready to watch him in action and got my Cayenne sharp shooter ready... it's straight out of the mixing...wonder if he had heart burn last night. One thing I did do tonight is put cayenne on the roses..strange though the only roses he goes for are the pink ones..wonder if they are sweeter..HA... So far my yellow ones are safe.

Off to wonderland now....Good Night and God Bless...Pictures are next enjoy:)

My Hibiscus she looks almost naked but the flower she produces is a gem but oh that bugger did a job on her leaves and stems...

This is amazing the flower is so big and beautiful. You can see some of the cayenne pepper on the leaves.

Here is the tell tale traces of that Bugger as he sat on the statue and ate that flower and just watched me

Here are a few pictures of some of the other plants as they show off their gifts to us. This is a vine type plant I have to look it up.. it's good for humming birds too .

The purple flowers are butterfly plants and the Orange flower is some sort of Daisey.

My Rambling Rose (Orange) is starting to show her buds..I know this is gonna be awesome and I'm heading home...Betsy you are gonna have some pretty stuff to look at :)

My Gardenia is finally coming back strong...She is really getting full and I did have a few flowers...I might take her back with me...cause ya know I've been working hard to save her too. Uh oh, I might have to find spots to haul all this..I can hear hubby now on the trip back...!!!

Here are the Impatience..they are really taking a beating with the heat and sun..but still holding their own...Lots and Lots and Lots of water...I can hear them gulping and gasping as I water them morning and night...They are praying for rain !

Ok, now you all have seen my plants cepting the "Roses" ... I have a decapitated bush and the yellow ones are doing tomorrow I'll take them... hopefully... Ta Ta !!!

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