Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday, Friday, Friday...Whoopie !!

Friday, Friday, Friday...Whoopie !!... Alas, it's almost done..I mean the week of I promised I'd continue my tail, tale or kick asp action of "Woe, is me !

So I called it a night and couldn't wait for morning so I could return my Horror and my mind went into "Over Drive"...lots of What ifs...and How comes..You know that instant shocker of going to "CUSTOMER SERVICE"...with the person who really has an attitude...Getting my pictures in my wild and crazy brain ???

Morning was spitting at me and my blood pressure was a rising and I just was ready willing to get it on...Got the critters done. got me done and had my last sip of coffee (could have drank the whole pot). Heading out the was really bright and I made sure I watered my plants and have happy thoughts.

In fact my friend John (from the fighting John and Jay) came with me..He was gonna show me the vacuum he bought and said, "Works great" I knew he was the right person to come along...He enjoys the "FIGHT"...and ya know he gets loud and puffs up..hahahaha... Yeah I needed this person to come along.

So out the driveway I go, turn the corner and I see one of my neighbors out and about. He had one of those special bird feeders so I stopped to ask him where he got it and "DID IT WORK"...he gave me the ins and outs of the whole set up..So I thanked him and started to go when I looked at my windshield ...and low and behold I had one of those Lizards on it...WHAT?????

Oh no, they are coming with me..the fighting Lizards and John...HOLY HANNAH...I'm really gonna have a fight I can feel it..Now how do I get this Leaping Lizard off... I get out of the car and try to swoosh (strange word) it off and it just looks at me.. Wonder if it's thinking on biting me...OUCH.. So I try again with the sales newspaper I had in my car...NO DICE... Ok, now what do I do...Quick thought....Turn On the Windshield Wipers... so I did....OH NO!!!  I ain't a gonna tell ya..cause I think it swooshed by me...OH MY!!!!

Ok, let me get out of town and go and pick up "Fighting John" I did and I told him my story and he was puffing as I was a talkin' as we rode on down to Wally World..(WalMart) gets out of the car and get a cart to put this Vac from Horror in and walk in ...Meet the Greeter..and he checks it all out and tells me .."Head on over to Customer Service"... I take a deep breath and I'm ready.

No line to stand in...No people there, not even the Customer Service Rep....ok, maybe they are hiding.. So I say, "Hello, any one here"...a head pops out and a smiling lady comes over...Maybe I got a chance...she then asks, "How can I help you"...well I have to tell ya all...I was on a role...I started and couldn't stop and even whipped out a picture from my cell phone of the tracks left in my carpet from this Blinkin' Vac... She never said a word.. I guess I was rapping so fast she didn't have a chance...Next thing I know she issues me credit and tells me to find what I need...

See I had this all in my mind I was gonna have a fight and even to the point I was anticipating John going into ACTION...but no Dice...nothing like that at all...this has got to be my "LUCKY DAY"....Can this really be happening...

I head back over to the area with Vacuum Cleaners and John shows me the one he has and tells me all about it and in fact he says, "You'll love it"...ok John..maybe you should work for Walmart cause I never found a sale person to even help me... So I buy this "New" number and it ain't got a's one of those that has a cup that fills up...(another issue)

Head back home and drop John off..and I'm a happy camper..Ok, this one is a little heavier that the one I had and it has a few issues I'm not crazy about...but if it does the job...So WHAT...I go into action and pull everything out of the box...oh my lots of parts...I'll call Diane and Bob..(great idea)

Next thing I know Diane and Bob arrive and so does the young man that's gonna paint my house and do my drive way..(another story) and so we go into the carport and talk. Getting everything down that I need to have done.. Bob and Diane are very sharp on this stuff.. They love restoring homes and are the ones that will be here when it's being done... What in the world would I do without them two..!

Get everything done everyone goes home and it's getting late in the day.. I had Bob put the vac together for me so now I'm plugging this baby in and vacuuming through the house .. The cord is much longer so I can go from the front room all the way to the back bedroom without unplugging... I'm lovin' this !   I zoom through and no fighting big dawg attacking..He's in his room and so are the other...Go baby Go !!!

I get finished .. a little heavier but damn it did go ...Oh and I have a light in the front so it shows you where you are case I want to vacuum in the dark ..HA !   Now I look and boy that cup is runneth over...oh my better empty it... so I grab the book.. on how too...Who reads anything before ya use it ????... Simple, just pull the lever in the front to the other side and grab the rails in the front and pull it out... So I'm in the kitchen as the light is brighter and  I proceed to do that ..and woof...out comes the cup and dust and dirt all on the kitchen floor as I cough a little...OH NO !!!   I just vacuumed and now I have to clean up this mess...HA ! 

Yes, I shook my head and then laughed.. Again a winner !  Next time I'll make sure newspaper is down before I attempt this act..but on the brighter side..after the dust cleared up.. it picked up a lot of mess...that means that other vacuum cleaner wasn't really doing a good job..or my house was a mess!   Hey, I'll go with the other vac's problem.. HA!

Now it's time to feed my I let them out and they are leaping and bounding all over.. they've been penned up too long...I have to settle them down and get them out.. Then start their food...and by the way I'm hungry haven't eaten all day...just morning coffee and toast...I hear my tummy talkin'.

I get the Critters done and boy that was a wild event..I head back in the kitchen take out some Lasagna that Diane had made...put some garlic bread in the toaster oven (love that appliance) and then put my plate in the microwave...hit the start and KAPUT...YES the MICROWAVE DIED !!!

I was lost for words... I couldn't believe it....Is this really happening to me ??? What in the World... I can not live without a MICROWAVE and it's 7pm...You got it... I got up ...put the critters up and grabbed my keys...Guess where I'm going.....WALMART......

Back out the drive way head on down the road to the Highway to Wally World...Feet's don't stop me now.... traffic is a little busy and I'm in no mood to put up with much more...What did I do to deserve all these treasures..Is this a TEST...?????   How to drive Zeee, Bonkers ???????

I get to Walmart..even get a good parking space...I know where I'm going don't anyone get in my on down the isles and there I am one isle away from the I look at several kinds of Microwaves all promising to do their best...big, small, tall and wide loads. Most of them all black (had a white one) and even some had browning elements..nope don't want them cause with my luck I might burn my hand...Ok, so I see one that I had before and I do a quick (if I can think right) analysis...this brand I had for 4 years when I bought this house so why not go with it...can't go really wrong..simple not a lot of do's and don'ts..Ok, where is someone to help me...HA! 

So up I go and pull the biggest box (that's what it looked like) and drag it into my I feel like my arms have just grown 10 ft long..and again I go up to the front to check out... I see the same lady that waited on me with the vac I bought...She smiles and says, "Didn't I just see you in here earlier"... my reply was simple.."Yes, I burned up my vac and got home and blew up my Microwave"... next thing I hear..the guy behind me say, "Lady, don't touch my cart, it might rub off on me"... Yes, it was a winner but the winner isn't over yet...cause I have to drive home and get this baby in the house...

You know my drive home I thought...this shouldn't be so bad..I have a dolly I'll slide it in on the dolly and I'll figure how to get it in without hurting "too bad"... Yep, sounded good and I knew if I just thought it out it wouldn't be to too bad....famous last words....

Home I am ...get out and grab the dolly slide that baby onto it and wheel it up the driveway into the carport and at the bottom of the steps... I open my door and just sit for a bit and ok, I got it figured out.. I grabbed my throw rug and put it on the top steps...had to lift the microwave a bit and got the top part on the rug and next I did was slide it in and across the floor into the kitchen... So far so good !

I took the old microwave off the counter and slid it onto a chair...and made sure I took out the glass plate..Was hoping that would fit in the other one but no luck so that had to hit the trash as well... Next thing was taking this box apart...Now I have to ask..Why oh why do they use this awful styrofoam that falls apart as you touch it..and you can't grab anything...Again my brain went into "thought process" HA !   I turned the box on it's side with the rug in front...I hated to think after all this I'd break the dang thing... I pulled and tugged and the plastic was coming out... out she came and it seemed to have grown...GAWD this baby was BIG... but she was I had to lift her and place her on the counter... Here comes those long, long arms... when I got it up I sat back and just took deep breaths... It looked good and I no longer was hungry..just thirsty... and I wanted to go to bed..Ha!

Now I had to get the old microwave in the box to take out to the trash.. Oh yes, trash day was the next day..wonderful all that trash had to go out as we had no collection due to holiday..Just what I really felt like doing... but I did !

So my new microwave works..used it yesterday morning and still working today too..and the vac is picking up as well... and now I'm beat just thinking of my stories that actually happened.. I couldn't make these up even if I tried....

Today I did nothing and tomorrow I might do the same...and then there's the story of my birds...HA... that's another event...I'm now brain logged and I hope Betsy you are enjoying this as you were around when the happening began....

Vickie thanks so much for caring and laughing along with me and my escapades... I hope to some day put this all in a book... might even make a good history book too... HA...

Waiting for should prove interesting...and now I'm on the count down of when hubby will be here and the race will be on...or Adventure in Current Affairs..

God Bless stay tuned..oh wait I think I hear a bell..that means an Angel got it's wings...Stay with me and I'll make lots of Angels :)

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  1. Hi's been awhile since I have read any good to get caught up with you. How is your foot doing?

    What kind of toaster oven do you have? Is it also a convection oven? Can you do baking in it? We are looking at either a toaster oven or a convection is too stinkin hot here to use the oven in the rig.