Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Toot To Tuesday :)

Toot To Tuesday :)...Began like normal..up in the morning and out to (school..you singing cause I was ) water the plants while the critters have their bounce around the patio.. then it's the clean up duty (I could go places with that word) and all that while my coffee is perking. I can then come in and sit down and have a good cup of coffee and be able to speak. 

I'm one of those that can't talk till I have that first swallow and it has to be hot coffee. I guess it's those working days that did that number on me. Can't think, can't speak till the coffee hits the system .

Well anyway today wasn't a bad day other than HOT and you felt like sitting under water with a long pipe (so you can breath) and stay there till the day is over..Wow that's wild thinking...must need a quick fix of something ...HA ! It does sound nice and cool..have to attach some weights  so I wouldn't float up..wait, wait...I got enough of that to hold my bottom to the floor..HA!

I did manage to watch the trial..yes, I'm addicted I can't help myself. I've gotten so caught up in this and I just shake my head at this defense lawyer..where is he going?  what is he thinking.? Unless he wants a mistrial or maybe just maybe it's so the appeal will be easy..and that it will be..No doubt in my mind.

Got a call from Jane and the luncheon is on for tomorrow..which will be nice cause she's in a good mood ..She and John are not fighting so that means they'll be peace in the valley..Thank Gawd .

So that's about all other than I hope we get some rain...we sure do need it but no major storms cause then I have to stay up all night till they pass..Don't like that feeling of no place to go..just in case  YIKES!

It's that time I hear my bed calling my name and boy it's looking inviting more and more..only thing is you lay down close your eyes and before you know it ..it's time to get up..where did that night go ????

God Bless

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