Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Flippin' Friday !

It's Flippin' Friday !   and tomorrow is the big day for hubby to arrive. I'll miss my little hideaway and all it's critters. I'm never bored no matter what. I mean I just look out my big windows and low and behold something wanders through...Whether it be Hecliff and Gertrude or Ike and Mike and then there's always Mr and Mrs Cardinelli...or Leaping Lizards..we've got em' all !

Of course there's my chat with Ms Betsy, as we giggle through our sessions. I ofter hear her hubby "Dick" chime in and Betsy and I giggle some more. Today was one of those chat days ...I told her I'll be coming over to get my book signed. So I need to keep my blog updated as much as possible. HA !

It was another swelter of a day and again I was a slug..(that's happening a lot) but I didn't miss the trail again.. I'm addicted to this and I just keeping of that little girl Calee. For her I want to see justice prevail. In my heart I feel that even though her mother is a pathological liar. I don't believe she wanted to murder her but knocking her out with Chlorophyll so  the mother could go and party ...then again even knowing her child was dead she partied hardy all the maybe I'm just trying to believe people are not that bad.. I must admit I'm not always right !!!!

So tonight I stepped it up a notch and got a few more things done and tomorrow I'll have to do the "Hustle"  (play that music loud, get them feets movin') and by 4pm when the hubby arrives I'll have a good bit done...

We plan to leave Thursday morning and I hope we can get out early enough as I hope to drive at least 8 hours to give us a good start...and make one of my favorite "Flying J's".

This will be an interesting trip...always is and always a few good surprises...Ya know it's got to have some good laughs.. I best remind hubby to bring his lap top so I can log on ...making my list now...

Alright I'm gonna hit the sack and move a few critters..hear Zeke give me his normal show of Ivory...and a little deep growl and I just push and push ..boy he is a heavy load too...

So it's on for tomorrow...God Bless

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