Friday, June 24, 2011

A Flip Flop of a Friday !

A Flip Flop of a Friday !  My morning sucked as well as my afternoon but I did manage to get with Bob and Diane about plans on what is to be done on the house while I'm away.  We didn't get to go to lunch but will go on Saturday.

My Zeke had a bad night and day. His stomach was off kilter and I was out of whack from taking care of him..Never had a dawg like him in all my over 50 years of breeding and showing Critters. So I had explained to Bob and Diane please understand I don't go any where when any of my critters are not well.

They are good people and know I'm one of those types of people that refer to my critters as my chillens (children in your term) I would have been a nervous wreck if I went out and something would go wrong.

Home I stayed and me and Zeke were like two peas in a pod..where ever he went I was there to "Clean UP"..YIKES ...don't even want to try to remember it..

Rest of the day (you got it) I watched the trial..this is really taking another turn for the worse..I do understand why a parent will say anything to save their child..however, I don't quite understand how to justify the loss of a life..
I personally don't think that First Degree Murder will stick...but I do feel this Casey should get life without parole. I don't think she intentionally murdered her child but gave her chloroform to put her to sleep and she didn't realize she overdosed her..then panic set in and she dumped the child's body... but I can't justify her behavior after that.. that's where I have my doubts again..  That's where I come in with the Life without parole...

Alrighty I'm ready for bed and so are my critters...I hear a little rain...maybe someone is spitting from up above on all of us..Can't say I blame them..cause lately it seems very few people care about any one or anything...OUCH !

Good Night and let's all pray for better times

God Bless

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