Monday, June 20, 2011

It begins with a Monday !

It begins with a Monday !  the race will begin but not today. Early rising and mind set to not let too much get me down. I got my cup of coffee and looked out my window and watched my Humming birds come for their morning juice .. How beautiful they tiny but yet so fast..They buz in and zip out that quick and make sure they don't bump into another "boss man"...Yes, even in Humming birds there's a king of the road .

Hubby called and let me know that he will be coming down July 1st..Okie Dokie..what can I say...So we'll watch the fire works in Leesburg together..take a little time and get things done and mosey on down the highway..

Meanwhile I went into town this afternoon picked up my scripts from CVS and went and had my Hardee's once a month job.. Love it and I don't have to cook or clean up ..just dump in the trash when done  ..Love it !!!

Had to make Zeke and Abby's Rice and Veggies up so I have enough for 15 days till it's do up again. They sure do enjoy it and I don't mind doing it now that I have a Rice Cooker... I can not cook rice and I'll be the first to admit it..mine comes out soggy..this comes out perfect every time and easy clean up...Yipee !!!!

Tried to watch the trial again today but wow that judge got ticked off and I can't blame him..seems lots of games on both sides ..wouldn't surprise me if this goes to a mistrial...or you know they'll appeal easily. Sad though cause that child Caylee deserves justice.

I've got a busy day for tomorrow as I need to get in and clean my closet and put more junk away. My week will be busy as well ...Jane and I will have lunch on Wednesday going to our favorite haunt..Apple Bees... then on Friday I'm taking Diane and Bob out to lunch at Red Lobster..have my list of things I need  them to do ... and that's always exciting as we discuss making changes in the house.. They just love doing that kind of work and I'm lucky that I have the two of them !

They'll paint my two bedrooms and Bob will put up molding which makes the rooms look really nice.. I've decided to stay with one color..Bleached Wheat with White Trim..This way what ever colors I want to add will be fine.

My house will be painted the end of July and the driveway will be done also..sure hope my plants survive...cause ya know that little "Bugger" will probably be waving bye byes to me as I pull out...

I'm now kind of sleepy and my eyes are just about with that note I'm gonna say,  "Nite Nite"..

God Bless

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