Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's Hopin' Popin' Saturday

It's Hopin' Popin' Saturday.  Would you expect anything different ?  Not in my case. Here's how it began.  At 5am the phone rang and I was just coming in from the Critter detail.  I went over to the phone and thought, "now who could be calling me"?  Didn't take very long and if I would have looked at the caller ID I would have known. So I said, "hello" and I heard that I'm very very familiar with...It's the Hubby...Uh, what's up ?????? 

Here comes the beginning of another interesting day on the "Funny Farm"...Hubby says, "Barbz, I woke up this morning ( no kidding) and it was really warm in the house...went into the living room and the AC isn't blowing cold air, but rather warm "...Now at this time my eyes are wide open (even if I didn't have my cup of coffee) and I can hear myself saying, "OH NO" !

What else could I say...only thing was hubby was due to come down today and the limo would be at the house in a couple of hours..(getting the picture yet ?) So I told hubby, "you better call the limo and then call and change your plane reservation...check with Blonders (that's our place where we get appliances and other thingies for the house) and then call me back "... See I'm so proficient with these things..HA ! Maybe cause I'm use to having things go a "Muck".....

I have to say I was really down in the dumps..looking forward to seeing hubby and getting things ready for the Long, Long, Long ride everything is Topsy Turvy...however, it didn't go smoothly cause when he went over to Blonders the service man couldn't do the work until Monday afternoon...

See, there's always something happening in my life and it doesn't have to be major but it will turn into a fiasco before it's over..just keep in tune and you'll find out...Now getting back to the "hot house".   I am glad that this happened now and not after hubby left..That would have been a nightmare and the man is trying to get things fixed before I and the Critters get home .

I can only imagine how he was spinning..knowing my hubby he has that same luck as me..perhaps that's why we are a good match. "Watch them flames" !
He was upset as well and when we hung up I could tell we were both on a downward trend. Just thinking of all we have to do and have to load up and hook up gets me exhausted.

I'm looking around and thinking do I need all this junk..maybe a clean sweep here would help ..then thinking, but I'm addicted to all this chit !!!!... HA !  I have plastic for everything..what's wrong with me ?????  Lordy I don't want to even go down that avenue...but I am tired even thinking about it.

The day dragged for me but I did manage to click on the "new" vacuum and attack the carpets and boy I was ready to dump that "cup" of  junk...had my newspaper ready.. I learned my lesson...but I do think I like the bags in the vacuum better mess and just throw out..Worked for me !

I manage to watch that case again and I'm tellin' ya I can't believe all the screw ups..How the hell do they ever get anything wonder why we have so many appeals. Maybe they should have watched Perry Mason...:)

Tomorrow is another long day cepting I have to go to Publix and pick up 4 cases of Brisk Orane drink I had ordered for hubby as we can't get that up in Pa...and I had a quick flash.. I have to load that in my car, bring that home and unload it and carry it into the house...See what I mean, that was intended to be loaded into the motor home as we were packing up to go home... More crap to store till we are ready to head home.

I don't even want to go into when he is going to finally get here cause we won't know that till Monday and then if he comes down Tuesday he wants us to be ready to leave by Thursday...(pssst maybe Friday)  

Does my story sound like a Country tune...or perhaps.."The Race IS ON" it certainly ain't (sshhh)  "On the Road Again"..cause we ain't  !  :)

Good Night and God Bless Us All

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