Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Blessed day of Sunday .

The Blessed day of Sunday....all went well and I didn't even attempt to try something new :)....Nope, I got up and did my usual cepting I had to go to Winn Dixie...cause it's  "Make the Dawg food time" and I need to make sure I make enough for when I get home and I at least have a week off...HA !

Oh did my support to QVC...I couldn't resist but I am buying for Christmas gifts...makes my life easy....and I can't resist GADGETS...not in this life time anyway.

I have a theory....If it makes my life easy ....WHY NOT !  See how simple that solution on to my next. (Wish it was that easy :) I have several things in the planning stages and I'm always lookin' to make my life or for that matter any one's life easy... Latest idea...(you'll love this one)..

I hate to mop floors so I thought of making "Mop Socks"..yes, you got it.. or for that matter "Dust Mop Socks" too...sounds interesting.. Ya have to walk on the floor so why not swish while you walk and clean the floor too.. I personally would like the throw away kind rather than the throw in the wash..that's extra work ....HA!

See my brain goes into over drive on these things in fact I dream of ideas and wake up and jot them down..only thing is I have to start making them...then maybe I can "RETIRE" ...

Today was another hot one and I just don't do well in the heat..Did talk to my plants and even fed them tonight my special brew...sure am gonna miss doing all this neat stuff and am really hoping that they will be ok...Love just looking at nature.

I'm making my list of things to do as my time is running short before the hubby comes down and it's "Off to the Races"...I'm thinking of the long drive and those dang bridges I have to go over...I just don't like them..

Looking over at the critters and they are in "Sleep Mode" which pretty soon I'm gonna be..can't wait...Close my eyes and next thing I know it's "Wake Up Time"...where did I go ...????

There goes my phone it's hubby...our night chat and then it's off to La La land...Ok, so I'll catch ya tomorrow with some goodies.. I'm sure !

God Bless

PS...Ali, you ask, "What kind of a Toaster Oven I have"... I have a Hamilton Beach Toaster Broiler Oven...and I love it... but the next time I have to do a mad dash to replace I will get one that also does convection too...Hope that helps you !

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