Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Wicked Wenesday

A Wicked Wednesday. I woke up at 3am having a nightmare. Just what I needed.. it seemed in my dream that I was running towards the door and guess what ???? I was ! I got up from my sleep and was confused as in my dreams someone was smashing the glass sliding door . I found myself at the front of the house and my Zeke was right with me..Guess he was confused as to what I was doing..."Zeke, you're not alone, I wasn't sure myself".

Guess when I finally came to my senses I felt this throbbing headache and then had that sick feeling to my stomack... I just love those dreams. Don't have them often but when I do it screws up the rest of my day.

That it did ! I cancelled my luncheon with Jane as I was not feeling well. I did not go back to bed as I was restless and then the rest of the day I was zonked..To top it off it was a Hot one ...too hot for my liking.  I worry about the older critters as when they go out they get sort of wobbling from the heat.. So it's always a and out and I'm ready in case the heat over takes well as for me..

I hear lots of thunder as I'm typing..haven't lost my signal yet but it wouldn't surprise me cause my day was that way why not my night ...

Weather alarm going off and the voice comes on...sounds like Robby the Robot I can hear him now.."Danger, Danger".  I'm all ears as you all know I don't like storms.

Tomorrow I have to make a quick run to Wally World. Seems I'll have a few things to get before we pack up.. Hope it's not crowded.. Like to get in and get out list is ready and of course I'll do my usual sneak out..

Uh oh that sound is getting closer so I'll say..."Nite Nite"  and hide my head...

God Bless

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