Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Arrived and

Saturday arrived and all went as planned..Surprised ?  Nah!  All things work out if you don't attempt to jump start or over react..HA !  I should maybe take some of my own medicine....However, the day did go ok. In fact Clancy called and came over to do my yard work and did a fantastic job.

He sure loves working in the heat too...Clancy you tend to amaze me. My garden is looking better and better and boy after that weeding in the front ..looking good !

Bob and Diane showed up and we went to Red Lobster for lunch..Now that's another topic...Our lunch was not the greatest. In fact our food was luke warm and the rolls were on the hard side..soup was great..Yes, we did complain after the fact as the place had some huge parties going...that doesn't a make up for it but we also knew it would be a long wait if we sent the food back can tell we all were hungry...

We did manage to get some rain..sparingly but it did come and went ..Maybe tomorrow we'll get some more...a nice long gentle rain would be nice. I felt bad I didn't water my plants this morning as the sky was so dark I thought we'd have a down pour..I did mention that I'm often wrong in guess work .

When we all got back from our "LUNCH"  I knew we'd all be in the counting down stage of "fall out" other words that Horizontal position...Works for me and yes that's exactly what happened.

Watched some kind of program not really sure but was upset about this mornings happenings with the trial..Lordy this is the show of show..I'd say, "getting more and more like O J's trial"..wonder what happened in the judges chambers ?????  Well I'll catch up with it again come Monday morning..

Speaking of mornings  it's time to say..."Night or Nite which ever comes first..

God Bless...

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