Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday, Already ?

Wednesday, Already? Oh Lordy the week is rolling on by and soon hubby will be pulling up in the driveway and then it's the "On the Road Again".  Some how I feel it's more like "The Race Is On".

This morning I woke up about 4:30am and it was WARM ...I can tell it's gonna be another sweltering day...Holy Hannah keep the hose ready :) . So when I went out at 6:30am to water my "babies" I could hear them whispering...(more like gasping) Water, Water, Water... So I did.  I gave them their burst of energy.

The Hibiscus was producing another gem. These flowers are like big trumpets. The only way I can describe them and the colors are so intense with shades of yellow through that back of them...and a bright red orange...Gosh just gems sparkling in the sun.

Yes, the bugger was here this morning and boy I let him have a blast of water and I know he had some cayenne on those toes...I might be calling him "Sparkly " next.

Wow, as I'm writing this I hear the rain coming about cloud burst earlier this evening we had a whopper of a rain storm (thunder and lightening) and I just hung in tight in my favorite and Reba were glued together...Yes, we are chickens...and I ain't ashamed to tell ya I respect them flashing rays of light...even to the point of ducking under my blankie .

We need the rain so bad and  I sure hope it cools us down a bit..cause Diane called me after the first go round of storm to see if I was ok...and we both laughed...I told her, "If ya see someone running past in a flash it will probably be me"...She's as bad as I am !

Watched a little of "So ya think you can dance" and I have to tell ya those kids are fantastic..What a talented group... my bones ache just watching and to think when I was young (oh here it comes) I use to be able to dance like that...(Dream on woman, dream on)...Those were those early days our parents and grand parents use to tell us about :)

Getting back to how hot it was...I could barely move..the slug routine is becoming embedded in my sole.. but no kidding the heat index according to Diane was that's hot !...I didn't get much done in fact I didn't care but I did watch that Trial it's on for tomorrow...I guess I'm so caught up on it as that all took place when I was here and it made me feel so bad for that little child...So I'm kind of wanting to see the out come and pray that justice will prevail.

Alright I'm off my soap box and I need to get to bed and it's raining cats and dawgs...with lots of thunder again..don't know how much sleep I'll get cause as soon as that weather alarm goes off...I'm up till the storm passes...

God Bless

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