Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Whipping in and out of Wednesday !

Whipping in and out of Wednesday !  Yes, that's right !  I done did it today... Got up a little bit on the late side...5 am and got all my stuff done..You  know the Critters and all that follows... Had to do my usual sneak out and just about got to the car when I heard the Glee Club...Gosh their harmony always amazes me. I can actually pick out whose voice is whose...Yes, I have a well trained ear .

I drove into Leesburg to my Doc's office and of course like I had anticipated my files weren't around...and I got the, "I'm not sure where they are, could you ?????  Don't go there cause I can't.....Yep, I had a nice smile (I don't smile that often) and said, "Well, I'll just sit here a few minutes while you gather them up for me, thank you " !...The look on this young lady's face was well worth the little effort.

Along came Ms Nurse..okie dokie I'm ready...She then looks out at me and then says, " Someone must have misplaced it"...Sure they did, you probably never got it together I'm thinking.... I pop up and say, "Well, I'll wait I have a few more minutes to spare"... I'm so kind...but I wasn't going away and coming back another day...:)

After a bit she came out to the lobby and handed me my files..I of course gave her another smile and said, "Thank you so much"...I left and I'm sure I felt those daggers ....Ouch !!   Now I still don't understand why everything has to be so difficult.. I mean I know it's been awhile since I've held down a job..but to me being a  professional...this should kind of be "routine"...

Back out on the road I go and head right over to "Publix" this store has some very nice goodies...HA !  Yes, I had to check it all out and even got the "Buy one, get one FREE"...don't cha just love those..Well, I had a basket full...hey Zeee, anyone tell ya you're gonna be heading home >>>>>>>????

Got back to my hide out (actually I call it "Sanctuary" ) and unloaded the car when I saw that darling Squirrel..he's been attacking my Hibiscus with a vengeance... Oh that bugger !...I can't believe how much he's ate of the leaves and branches ...She was looking so good...Oh NO !....

So I called my "trusty" neighbor (Betsy you smiling?) and asked her if she knew what I could do...Her comment to me was ,  "Pepper Spray" some time ago she had a problem and the man at the Hardware store gave her that advice...She's not sure if it worked or not...can't remember ...HA !   Betsy you are a dear... Yes, she and I giggled and I told her I'd check it out... Gotta love ya Betsy...I do so enjoy our chats... and I can't wait for that next book ...hint hint...

Oh I forgot...While Betsy was giving me some advice her hubby "Dick" every once in a while chimes in... and Betsy always asks me ,  "Did ya hear that Barb" ...I have to laugh cause Dick comes up with some good ones too...They are a perfect match.. Wish more people would be like those two...Sure makes life here in the Hollow worth while.

Alrighty it's now way passed my bed time but I got caught up in a few little odds and ends... Now I know tomorrow morning I'll have a bug up my you know whats . I've got a lot to do too...where's my list again ...see what I mean I write em down and then can't remember where I put the dang thing...Oh there it is right in front of me...I put it on a stickem  (love those things) and it's looking right at me...DUH...time to say, "Good night folks"

God Bless my journey is looking better...:)

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