Monday, June 6, 2011

Up and Ready On MONDAY

Up and Ready On Monday...yes, I got up bright and early (3:30am) as my Joe was doing one of his spins...He shot off the bed and hit the TV stand...of course I woke up with all this spinning and turned on the light to see what was the matter (sound familiar>?) and it was Joe looking like a helicopter but more like dawgcopter and off he went...Dang it that dawg can fly...!

Zeke was laying on the foot of the bed and all he did was pick up his head and watch (like me ) and boom Joe was gone...(not gone, gone but down on the floor) and Zeke laid his head back down...Like Zeke really cared in fact it more or less disturbed him !

I got out of bed and went to the bottom and picked Joe up..checked all his bones and they seems ok and so did he..a bit shaken but fine and we got back in bed...Lord help me, I now know what it's like to be ready in a minutes notice...where's the pole..(like firemen going to a fire).

So that started my day and the rest was just smooth sailing.. Diane went to Wally world for me as I just couldn't return to the scene of events...So I got a good broom.. Mine was like kaput..I was swooping more that sweeping..this works great..

Started my pot of chicken for Reba and Joe and got that all done packed and in the 32 days worth..wooo hooo !!  That will give me some what of a break..Now tomorrow I have to do Zeke and Abby's Rice and Veggies..does it ever end..NOT ...but I really don't mind just love to complain and hopefully someone will listen...HA!

We had a neat little storm come through tonight and I ran out and protected my plants..took down the impatience as the wind was really blowing..didn't want them to come in and visit..(like through the window) the way my luck has been running why take the chance..

Now I'm kind of dragging...been watching that Casey Anthony case..very interesting today..Forensic Science has been a thing for me..wish I would have switched my Major...I can see it sitting on the stand and testifying..Lordy with my big mouth...and the attitude that seems to be coming across from the Lawyer...I'd be fined with contentment ..for sure ..!!

Gonna hit the sack as I'm beat and need to start cleaning out frig tomorrow too..should have done it today being trash day..but I have till Thursday...Uh oh !  I'm milking this :)

So it's nightie night to all and God Bless

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